Woman ill after eating recalled dog food

Okie dokie now, for all of you out there who, in trying to get your children to eat, take a bite of their food and say “yummy yum, yum” it is totally recommended that you don’t do the same for your pets or you might become a victim like this woman did.   

“After noticing her dog, Missy, wasn’t eating, Larabie said she took bites of Iams pet food in order to trick the terrier into thinking it was people food.

The ploy worked and the mealtime routine continued for about two weeks until both dog and master became sick on March 17. 

It wasn’t until she saw a TV news story about the Menu Foods recall that she connected the dots. Last week, the Toronto-area company recalled 60 million cans and pouches of food made under 95 different brand names. On Sunday, the recall was expanded to include all varieties of the company’s wet dog and cat food, amid concerns that tainted products are still being sold.” 

For the full story http://tinyurl.com/27s7qu 


One Response to “Woman ill after eating recalled dog food”

  1. SoCalMuchacha Says:

    Folks need to be paying attention to this whole recall thing since it keeps expanding, and IF they think such things will NOT happen in the human food sector they’re crazy. What next? A mom dying from tasting her baby’s formula before she feeds it? Unfortunately not as far-fetched as we might once have thought.

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