Christy Freeman-Mom cleared in dead fetuses case may sue

By KRISTEN WYATT, Associated Press Writer
Thu Sep 20, 4:57 PM ET 

SNOW HILL, Md. – A woman once accused of killing her newborn child and keeping three older sets of fetal remains at her home threatened to sue county authorities Thursday, saying they rushed to judgment after the remains were found.

Authorities dropped the charges against Christy Freeman, 37, on Wednesday after they determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute her.

Freeman and her longtime boyfriend, Ray Godman, spoke briefly to reporters on Thursday and thanked those who supported them. In a statement, the couple said that the deaths of the babies were miscarriages and that authorities should have waited for medical reports before charging her.

“If an investigation had been done Miss Freeman would have never been charged with anything,” the statement read. “When it’s all said and done, the reality of this situation is Miss Freeman had four miscarriages over a period of five years.”

It also said the couple’s business, a classic car taxi service, had suffered damage because of media attention surrounding the case and it could have been avoided if investigators hadn’t “rushed to judgment.”

Freeman had been held in jail without bond since July, when she went to a hospital with heavy bleeding and doctors discovered she had recently given birth. Investigators found the dead baby — and three more sets of tiny human remains — at Freeman’s house in Ocean City.

Freeman was originally charged with killing her fetus in July, but those charges were later dropped after an autopsy showed that fetus was stillborn.

Prosecutors later charged her with killing one of two babies found in a trunk in the living room. The charge accused her of giving birth to twins on the toilet in 2004 and allowing one of them to die. That was the charge dismissed Wednesday.

A report from state medical examiner Dr. Tasha Greenberg concluded there was no proof the babies were ever alive, said Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd. Some of the remains were years old. In a murder case, prosecutors must prove the victim of the homicide had been alive, he said.

Todd said the medical examiner concluded that because Freeman had a history of stillborn births, because there was an infection present in the placenta of the most recent fetus, and because Freeman was a tobacco user and may have used cocaine, the deaths could have occurred naturally.

Asked whether women who miscarry are required by law to dispose properly of the remains, Todd replied, “There should be,” but he said he knew of no such crime.

Todd insisted he had no regrets about pursuing murder charges before getting the full medical examiner’s report. “Nothing was done wrong here,” he said.

Ocean City police spokesman Barry Neeb said the officers performed a professional and ethical investigation, and nothing would have been differently.

“Sometimes investigations aren’t pretty. Sometimes they involve things like digging up a yard or damaging walls in a house, but this situation warranted it,” Neeb said.

Godman called the case an “ordeal.” The couple did not answer reporters’ questions about why the remains were kept at the house or whether she had used cocaine.

“We’re just going to get on with our lives and try to get our business up and running and get on with our lives,” Godman said.

Christy Freeman, Maryland Mom Suspected in Deaths of Four Infants Denied Bail

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OCEAN CITY, Md. —  A mother of four who is facing murder charges in the death of her new baby last week and is suspected in the killings of three infants whose remains were found on her property was denied bail Monday after pleading with the judge to free her on bond.

Meanwhile, investigators continued their search of the property, using a backhoe to search for shallow graves in the backyard. Although the search of the yard has not yet lead to the discovery of more bodies, police told FOX News Monday that cadaver dogs had indicated more remains could be found.

The bodies of four small infants were found at the home of Christy Freeman, 37, a woman who denied having been pregnant, even after she was taken to a hospital and doctors discovered a placenta and part of an umbilical cord, police said.

“They were not full-term children,” Barry Neeb, an Ocean City Police Department spokesman, said of all the babies.

[Freeman eventually told police that she had delivered a dead and deformed baby — claiming that she did not see any hands or feet — and that she had flushed the body down the toilet]      [Full Story]

Sheriff: Louisiana Man Who Died Trying to Hide Murders Killed 3 Wives

Monday, May 07, 2007

COVINGTON, La. — A 78-year-old man who died after setting a fire to hide the murders of his third wife and her brother had killed two previous wives, a sheriff says.

Everette Simpson had served a total of 20 years for the two killings.

He spent nine years in a California prison for second-degree murder of his first wife, who was hacked 16 times with a butcher knife in 1960, and 11 years in Louisiana for manslaughter of his second wife, attacked with knife and hatchet and then smothered with a pillow in 1983, authorities said.

He died of smoke inhalation April 3. Estelle Simpson, 69, and her brother, Allen Martin, 75, were bludgeoned in their sleep.

“This is incredibly frustrating for people who spend their careers chasing these monsters,” St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said Friday. “Everyone deserves a second chance, but when you start letting out cold-blooded murderers not once but twice, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on.”

Simpson was charged in 1960 with first-degree murder of Virginia Hudson, 35, in Los Angeles, and was convicted of second-degree murder, Strain said. He pleaded guilty in 1983 to manslaughter of Ruby Richardson in Shreveport, the sheriff said.

“We know he committed at least three horrible murders,” the sheriff said. “I don’t know if that qualifies him as a serial killer, but there’s certainly the possibility that he killed others that we don’t know about.”

The Simpsons had been married for 10 years.

Martin’s and Estelle Simpson’s relatives were stunned by word of the previous convictions.

“Why in the world was he walking the streets as a free man? That’s utterly unbelievable,” said Earl Martin Sr., a cousin who lives in Lanham, Md. “It’s absolutely beyond my comprehension.”

Relatives said Simpson was upset that his brother-in-law had moved in with them about a year ago after he suffered a stroke and had to start using a walker.

Strain said it’s unclear whether that precipitated the killings.

“We know he already had a clear pattern of forming relationships with women and then killing them,” Strain said. “His actions may have been driven more by something in his psychological makeup than any specific problems with his wife.”

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