Ultracheap car will be the least polluting vehicle on Indian roads, company says

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Ultracheap Car 
Jan. 10, 2008

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Tata Company Chairman Ratan Tata announces the newly launched Tata Nano at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, India


MUMBAI, India: Tata Motors’ ultracheap car will be the least polluting vehicle on Indian roads, the company’s chairman said Monday, refuting criticism that the 100,000-rupee (US$2,500) car would add to traffic chaos and carbon emission.

Ratan Tata said his company will bring what is being billed as “the people’s car” to market next year and its price would be on target, despite a sharp rise in prices of steel and other inputs since the project was announced three years ago.

Auto makers from around the world are keenly watching progress in the Tata project, which analysts say could set new price benchmarks and force other manufacturers to follow suit.

But Tata has been criticized by environment groups who say the attractive price tag would bring the car within the reach of millions of ordinary Indians, triggering more pollution and burdening the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

However, Tata said his car will adhere to strict quality norms like any automobile in the developed world.  [Full story]