UPDATE: Anne Pressly – Arkansas TV anchor dies days after attack

SATURDAY, October 25, 2008

(CNN) — CNN affiliate KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, said Saturday evening that its morning anchorwoman, Anne Pressly, died. She was 26 years old.

Pressly was found beaten early Monday at her home. She was hospitalized and sedated.

Pressly’s parents released a statement saying they were “with her in her last moments.” They also asked for “the privacy we need at this very difficult time,” KATV reported.

Police said Pressly was apparently not targeted but was attacked during the course of a burglary. Her purse was missing.

Pressly was beaten around the head, face and neck. She had been unable to communicate with her family or police while sedated in the intensive care unit.

The anchor’s death came only a day after a doctor said he was encouraged by her recovery.

Dr. Clifton R. Johnson said Friday that swelling in Pressly’s brain had gone down since she was hospitalized and that doctors had slowly been reducing her sedative dosages.

Police have yet to identify a suspect, though detectives have combed the area around Pressly’s home in the Heights neighborhood, a mix of bungalows and mansions near the Little Rock Country Club.

News reports have said detectives found evidence that Pressly’s credit card was used Monday at a gas station a few miles from her home.

Pressly had a brief role as a TV commentator in Oliver Stone’s film “W.,” released in theaters this month.

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Presidential election-2008 My thoughts and rants !!!!!

Send in the clowns!!!  I really have to laugh at the Presidential election this year as it is one of the most screwed up election I have witnessed.  By the actions of the media you would think it a horrible thing for a woman, and a mother at that, to even consider running for an office, what, with children,?  What about a man as a father, I guess that is acceptable and nothing to take in consideration that his duties as a father might be interrupted or are they saying a father isn’t as important as a mother???? 

Let’s think back to when Bobby Kennedy was a father of 9-10 and running for President.  I guess it doesn’t matter how many children a man has to be responsible for to run for the office but let a woman run and my God she is choosing politics over her family. 

Has anyone noticed how many women commentators and anchors there are and you know what they have children too but let’s not point to the media it’s the media’s job to point to everyone else.  I particulary notice that Fox News has many segments with women anchors and also send women out in the fields to report on stories, tropical storms and hurricanes.  Are they considered a bad parent because of their occupation?????

I personally am sick of hearing about Sarah Palin and the fact that she is a mother and one with a special needs child.  Does that make her any less capable of doing a good job as VP.  I have seen quite a few VP’s who have done absolutely nothing.  I want to see an election that speaks to a platform of intentions I don’t want to hear a candidate say if I’m elected I will do this or that as they don’t always have the last word.  Show me a candidate who says if I’m elected I will TRY and not I will.  To me that makes more sense and I’d vote for that one in a heart beat. 

Let’s have an election not based on sex or race but based on what they will try to do for us, especially the middle and lower class plus senior citizens as they get the brunt of it.  As a senior citizen myself I see medicare being reduced each year and health benefits are almost zero.  Health benefits are for the rich and the big boys on the hill who don’t have to pay for any and have the sky as the limit on their medical care.  I’m sure not a one of them has to worry each month as to whether they eat or spend their medicare benefits on prescription drugs. 

OK, I have vented and could go on and on but for my sake and yours I’m going to end it here.  If anyone would like to share their thoughts I’d like to hear from  you……..flagranny2

Highly Poisonous Ricin May Have Been Found At Hotel

POSTED: 9:28 pm PST February 28, 2008
UPDATED: 10:55 pm PST February 28, 2008

Ricin 6,000 Times More Toxic Than Cyanide

LAS VEGASMetro Homeland Security reports four people were sent to the hospital for possible ricin poisoning at the Extended-Stay America hotel at West Flamingo Road and South Valley View Boulevard.

Video: Highly Toxic Substance May Be At Hotel

At about 3 p.m. Thursday, an employee found a substance in one of the hotel’s apartments when he was cleaning it and took it to the office. The four people, three of whom were employees, who were exposed to the substance were sent to the hospital, and the area surrounding the apartment was evacuated, according to Metro.

As of Thursday night, the four people were OK.

Preliminary reports indicate the substance may have been ricin, a substance that is 6,000 times more toxic than cyanide. There is no known antidote.

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Wrestler Chris Benoit Used Steroid Testosterone; Son Sedated Before Murders

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DECATUR, Ga. —  Professional wrestler Chris Benoit had an elevated level of testosterone in his system but no other steroids in his body, and his 7-year-old son was sedated at the time of his death, a Georgia medical examiner said Thursday.

“This level of testosterone indicates that he had been using testosterone at least within some reasonably short period of time prior to the time that he died,” said Dr. Kris Sperry, chief medical examiner for the state with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, as he released the results of the toxicology report for the wrestler; his wife, Nancy; and son, Daniel.

“Although testosterone was found in Christopher Benoit’s urine, there is no evidence of any other of the illegal types of steroids, or the whole laundry list of anabolic steroids that are out there to be used,” Sperry said, adding, “the presence of the testosterone alone even could be an indicator that he was being treated for testicular insufficiency.”

Besides steroids, Benoit’s body contained the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and the painkiller hydrocodone, according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI said Benoit tested negative for blood alcohol.

But Sperry said that they found a drug in the child’s system that surprised them: Xanax.

“It is our opinion that Daniel Benoit was sedated by Xanax at the time that he was murdered, so that (means) he was sedated prior to the time that he died,” he said.

The GBI said it could not perform tests for steroids or human growth hormones on the son because of a lack of urine.

Benoit’s wife, Nancy, tested positive for Xanax, hydrocodone and the painkiller hydromorphone, but the decomposition process hindered the ability to determine the precise levels of the drugs at the time of her death. An elevated alcohol level found in her system could also be due to the decomposition process, Sperry said.

“The decomposition will affect the ability to interpret these drug levels reliably,” Sperry said. “Before she died, they may have been higher. They could have been lower. We just don’t know and we’ll never know.”

The test results were expected to shed more light on Benoit’s last moments. Authorities said Benoit killed his wife and son in their suburban Atlanta home, placed Bibles next to their bodies and then hanged himself on the cable of a weight machine.

Anabolic steroids were found in the home, leading officials to wonder if the drugs played a role in the killings. Some experts believe steroids can cause paranoia, depression and violent outbursts known as “roid rage.”

“There is no reliable scientific data that conclusively says that elevated levels of administered testosterone lead to excessive rage or behavioral disorders,” Sperry said. “All the testing that’s been done regarding that has been completely inconclusive.”

Federal authorities have charged Benoit’s personal physician, Dr. Phil Astin, with improperly prescribing painkillers and other drugs to two patients other than Benoit. He has pleaded not guilty.

Investigators have also raided Astin’s office several times since the deaths, seizing prescription records and other documents.

Before he was charged, Astin told the AP he prescribed testosterone for Benoit, a longtime friend, in the past. He would not say what, if any, medications he prescribed when Benoit visited his office June 22, the day authorities believe Benoit killed his wife.

“It’s a little unclear to know exactly where this leads us, but you take this piece and you compare it with what a witness said or what was found at the scene and suddenly the picture begins to become more in focus,” said Scott Ballard, district attorney for Fayette County. “And that’s what we’re certainly hoping to do.”

FOXNews.com’s Sara Bonisteel and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

Celebrity News…….

Since there hasn’t been too much news of late on the celebrities I thought I’d post an update as I would hate to have anyone lose any sleep due to not knowing what has been going on, so here’s the scoop as best as I can remember. If anyone has anything to add that I’ve missed, please feel free to do so.

So here it is folks, coming from station WFLAG2 your Celebrity News!!

BULLETIN just in!  🙂

PARIS HILTON: Now here is a kicker – I know the media has not provided a lot of coverage about her so I did want to bring you the latest……… Our resident celebrity rich bitch who apparently can’t read, has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating probation HOWEVER, due to the overcrowding of jails she may not have to spend the full 45 days. This of course will be the smallest hotel room she has ever stayed in and there won’t be a mint on her pillow.

She won’t be allowed to have her cell phone (what, no cell phone, I can see withdrawals) Apparently a group has gotten together to ask the governor to pardon her but ARNOLD said he had far more important things to look after. Oh dear, I’m sure mom and pop Hilton won’t vote for him again.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Has been seen flirting with the paparazzi, doing the club scene, and has performed at the House of Blues. If she is trying to make a fashion statement she is doing a real number there……NOT

ANNA NICOLE SMITH: I swear I thought she died but they keep showing more tapes they have uncovered of her. Those tapes can only be seen on Entertainment Tonight, but wait, Access Hollywood says the same thing. I think I’ve seen more tapes of her since she died than when she was alive and now that they are making a movie of her life I can’t wait. lol

The media knows how to milk a story for sure. If they would only spend half that time telling a story about any of our troops and their personal stories. Many are over there not just for the 2nd time but for the 3rd and 4th time.

DANCING WITH THE STARS: I think that is nothing but a popularity contest. I know they work hard and put a lot into it but it all comes down to who all has the most fans. Right now it is down to Ian Zierling, Laila Ali, Apolo Ono and Joey Fatone. This one is hard to pick but I’m going with Laila Ali

AMERICAN IDOL: It’s coming down to the wire now and I think it will be very close call. We have Blake, Melinda and Jordin going for the title and I have to say I’m pulling for Jordin. I just don’t think Blake has it as he can’t seem to get away from his “beat box” if he could show more of a variety he might have had a chance, but then there are a lot of young gals out there so who knows. As for Melinda, she already is a professional singer and I personally feel that the purpose of American Idol should be to discover an amateur and give them a chance at making it big. Being a professional has an edge and to me I don’t feel that is fair.

Well that’s it from station WFLAG2 and Celebrity News for now, it’s late I’m tired and heading off to bed. Should have gone 4 hours ago…….lol I just felt everyone should have the latest update on Paris due to the lack of media coverage but got carried away and added a couple more.

Media – Cho – Iraq – Gastroparesis

Again I’m striking out at the media and for now this will be my last post on this but something I just have to get off my chest.

You may wonder what Cho, Iraq and Gastroparesis have to do with each other so let’s find out.

1.  Do you know who Cho is?  How much times does the news media allow for Cho?
2. Do you know the names of those serving in Iraq?  Again, How much time does the media allow for reports of the men serving and the names.
3. Do you know what the health condition called “Gastroparesis” is?  Have you heard the media talk about it?

We all know the answer to number 1 due to the recent Virginia Tech killings as we have been saturated with every bit of information about Cho that the media can possibly “dig” up and I do mean dig.  I think whatever information they find should be indeed turned over to the authorities but I don’t think that information is something that needs to be divulged to the public.  Am I sitting here wanting to know Cho’s background and what his motives could have been or if he had a mental condition and where he bought his guns, and where on campus he lived.  Absolutely not!!  My concern is for the victims and their families and if the media had an ounce of deceny and respect for the familes they would realize that too.  But we know it is who can get the information, any information, to the public first so they can say “you heard it hear first” or “you saw it here first”. 

The answer to number 2 is pretty obvious.  The media spends about 1 to 2 1/2 minutes on “The war in Iraq” update and that is it.  So unless it is someone of prominence that has been injured or killed we hear of no names. 

Then we come to number 3.  I can tell you that without any doubt, you have never heard the word Gastroparesis mentioned by the media yet this is a health condition that strikes 5 millions Americans, 1 out of every 5 and no one has heard of it unless they are diagnosed with it.  Then they try and find some kind of support and with no place to turn so they turn to the internet for online support.  This condition, if you haven’t already read my page about it, paralyzes one’s stomach and they are unable to digest their food and can lead to living by getting their nutritional needs via tube feedings for the rest of their life. 

What I’m getting at, I think you can tell by now, is the media over reports the wrong news and under reports the important news.  One day of information about Seung-Hui Cho was enough.  Anything after that was not of interest to me at least, and I’m sure to many others.  Get on with “the news“, spend more time of the news segments about our troops, after all they are over in Iraq fighting against people who have no regard for life.  They are getting paid far less that what they deserve for putting their life on the line while our “boys on the hill” sit on their ass and get paid the big bucks, taking all the time they want to vote on a bill and then take their vacation without having voted and we are paying them. 

I guess I’ve rambled on and maybe not making sense or putting my thoughts together as well as I wanted to but when it comes to the media I will never get over the way the prioritize their news.  I know its the fact that I’m not facing the truth that they are reporting what they think the majority of the public want to hear and see.  If that’s the case, then do we have our priorities in order?

Ok, I’m through venting and my chest feels a lot better.  I’ll get off my ‘rantbox” but not without promising to not get on it again.


The Media – do they aid and abet criminals?

With what happened at Virginia Tech leaves our nation not only in shock but with a wakeup call that we aren’t as safe as we think we are whether we are a student, a mall shopper, a spectator at an event or a passenger on an airplane or bus. 

And we ask why?  Who is to blame?  I feel that can be answered in two words: The Media.  Listening to the news tonight on NBC they reported that since the horrible crime at Virginia Tech there have been 28 scare tactics that followed.  One being they were going to do better and exceed the total that was accomplished at Va Tech.  And get this, in the same breath without missing a beat he, Brian Williams, said it was all due to seeking publicity.  Gee, I wonder where they got that idea.

HELLO MEDIA, have a look in the mirror and you will have an answer.  If you weren’t so damn anxious to be the first to get news on the air regardless of what it is, regardless of how graphic the details you report and how much of the news is spent highlighting the person who did the crime that possibly it might cut down on these wannabee publicity seekers. 

Being a parent myself I can think of nothing worse than seeing the media go into so much detail about the criminal as to why, how, what type of weapon  they used, where they purchased it let alone showing videos that the criminal took for all to see.  Then start badgering the college officials as if there was something they could have done or signs they saw from his behavior that could have prevented him from doing what he did. 

Does all that matter?  Is it going to change the fact that there were 33 lives lost? Is that going to help the grieving families and friends left behind to know all about the one who did this hanieous crime?  I think the answer is obvious. 

This is information that the public can and should be spared.  Not in this case but in some where a bomb was involved, they have shown how it was made, the materials used to make it and the website where one can get the information on how to build one.  They are just handing over information to some who might not even have thought about doing anything until the idea was planted. 

Until the media learns to separate what should and should not be reported we will continue to have Virginia Techs and Columbines.