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flagranny2, that’s me, and ironically enough it does stand for who I am.  I’m originally from West Virginia but I have been a Florida transplant since 1961. I am a grandmother and have two lovely granddaughters.  That was the first thing I had to decide if I was going to have a blog so after finally deciding what I wanted to use for my blogsite I completed step 1.   From there I had no idea where I was going and to tell the truth I still don’t.

I named my blog “My corner for thoughts and rants” but so far it has turned out to be far from staying within that chosen title.  I’m now in the process of trying to choose another title that I feel comfortable with.

My intentions were to obviously put my thoughts and ideas about about different things such as Medicare, government, politics, etc as well as using this space to vent about the same things.  As you can see that has not happened as I’ve gotten carried away with a dream of mine that I started out with as to what I initially wanted to do for a career and that was to be a journalist/reporter.  That’s the reason you see the potpourri of posts without any particular theme.  I’ve been going from one area to another posting from humor, to crime to celebrity pish posh.  (hey maybe that could be a name for my blog)

I do post articles that I think are worthy of posting and have cause.  My favorite post is the page I did on Iraq and the war casualties.  It keeps an up to date list of all of our service people who have lost their life and keeps it current each day.

What you see is me, when you see where I have inserted my own comments I type it just as if I would say it to you.  In other words as they say I’m a “WYSIWYG” person.

I was born and raised in West “by God” Virginia and moved to Florida in 1961, the year after the hurricane Donna.  Not until Hurricane Charlie came through did I experience the wrath of what a hurricane can do and I live in the center of the state so we didn’t get the full brunt, however it did travel up the Interstate which we live a mile from so I can say I saw and had enough that I care to have and then 3 more followed that year.  I had lived here for 40 years prior to Charlie so I can’t complain.  I feel damn lucky.

That about covers it for me other than the fact this is a whole new experience for me, the world of blogging but I find myself caught up in it and will feel better when I find, or at least hope I find, my little niche.

For those who take the time to stop by and read a post or two I thank you and do appreciate your time and if you feel like leaving a comment or two that’s fine too.

In the meantime I’m going to spend some time looking around at as many blogs as I can and continue my regular posting for now.

flagranny2 🙂

4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hoh Says:

    hi there!
    how about passing on all the life lessons you have learnt?
    your favorate sites?
    have fun fun fun

  2. multicolordiaries Says:

    Love, love, love the title of your blog, really reflects the theme of mine. However, now that I’ve seen your blog, think I’ll inject some substance into mine. You’re doing splendid work!!

  3. Author Says:


    Pleased to meet you. I’m honoured you’ve listed my blog in your blogroll. Thanks.
    You have some interesting (and some shocking) posts.

    Best wishes,

    • flagranny2 Says:

      Hi,sorry I’ve not replied before now but due to health issues I had to lay off of blogging for a while 😦 but hopefully I’m back on track now. Thank you so much for stopping by and your nice comment. Really appreciated. Looks like we have a lot in common. We have 4 cats, 2 of our own and 2 of our daughter’s (she brought them with her when she moved back home). I’ll have to try and get some pics of them to share. Again thanks so much!!!

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