Injured in Iraq-Shattered at Home

The article below is a true eye opener and leaves you wondering how many Sam Ross, Jr’s are out there. 

It is obvious that Mr. Ross was up against odds even before he entered the service but after returning home after being severly wounded serving only little over a year is when his ignored cries for help went unnoticed. 

The majority age of the casualties ranges from 19-29.  These young men had not even begun to live and they are being sent over to fight a war against a country that has no regard for lifes.  A country that will strap children in a jeep that is set up as a car bomb and send them into a crowd to kill anyone. 

Anyway, if you get a chance, I hope you follow the link to continue with the rest of this article.  You will follow this young man and his journey as he finds his way in life from a horrendous childhood to becoming a hero and back to destruction.  

Is our system of treating the wounded failing?

By Deborah Sontag
Published: April 5, 2007

DUNBAR, Pa. — Blinded and disabled on the 54th day of the war in Iraq, Sam Ross returned home to a rousing parade that outdid anything this small, depressed Appalachian town had ever seen. “Sam’s parade put Dunbar on the map,” his grandfather said.

That was then. 

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Now Mr. Ross, 24, faces charges of attempted homicide, assault and arson in the burning of a family trailer in February. Nobody in the trailer was hurt, but Mr. Ross fought the assistant fire chief who reported to the scene, and later threatened a state trooper with his prosthetic leg, which was taken away from him, according to the police.

The police locked up Mr. Ross in the Fayette County prison. In his cell, he tried to hang himself with a sheet. After he was cut down, Mr. Ross was committed to a state psychiatric hospital, where, he said in a recent interview there, he is finally getting — and accepting — the help he needs, having spiraled downward in the years since the welcoming fanfare faded.

“I came home a hero, and now I’m a bum,” Mr. Ross, whose full name is Salvatore Ross Jr., said.

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