Want Fries With That Arrest? Granny Nabbed at McDonald’s Drive-Thru After Confrontation

Monday, January 21, 2008

I would ask that anyone who does read this story to please read the comment.  The comment puts light on how and what really happened as told by the mother whose daughter was working at the time this occurred. 

This is a real example of how the media reports stories how they see it and not really what happened. 

A 75-year-old grandmother of eight was arrested at a Florida McDonald’s drive-thru after police said she wouldn’t pull her car forward.

Jean Merola was waiting for her coffee and fries when a police officer asked her to move her car. Merola refused, saying she was told to wait there by McDonald’s employees, MyFoxTampaBay reported.

Merola was charged with disorderly conduct and hauled off to Pinellas County Jail, where Merola claims she was searched, photographed and fingerprinted.

Jail records show she was released about 90 minutes later on her own recognizance.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Salmonella cases linked to peanut butter top 600

POSTED: 4:56 p.m. EDT, June 1, 2007

OMAHA, Nebraska (AP) — The number of people sickened since August by peanut butter tainted with salmonella has grown by more than 200, according to a new federal report.

The outbreak, first reported in February, now includes 628 cases in 47 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. It is the first update on the number of cases linked to the outbreak since early March, when officials said 425 cases had been confirmed in 44 states.

ConAgra Foods Inc. recalled all its peanut butter after government investigators linked the bacteria outbreak to the Omaha, Nebraska-based company’s Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter.

The CDC said the number of new salmonella cases dropped substantially after the peanut butter was recalled.

The states with no illnesses reported are Hawaii, New Hampshire and Utah, the CDC said.

Wal-Mart has continued selling Great Value peanut butter — its store brand — that is made by different suppliers, but Peter Pan has yet to return to stores.

ConAgra plans to reintroduce Peter Pan in July. Initially, another company will produce the peanut butter because ConAgra does not expect to be able to resume production at its Sylvester, Georgia, plant until sometime in August, after renovations.

ConAgra officials have said they believe moisture in the plant most likely helped bacteria to grow and later infect the finished product.

Consumers who had jars of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter with a product code on the lid beginning with “2111” were urged to throw out the peanut butter. The jars or their lids can be returned to the store where they were purchased for a refund.

The World’s largest piece of cheese – a photo gallery

Wine and Cheese anyone?

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Thata looksa likea somea gou-da cheese dere, an-da sure woul-da go with a goo-da bottle ofa wine, Mamma Mia !!