Bigfoot Trackers Say They’ve Got a Body

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Fox News

         Believe it – Real or not 
Bigfoot may have been found. Maybe. We’ll see.

Two Northern California men and two Georgians say they’ve got a body, a photo and DNA evidence pertaining to the elusive forest-dwelling man-ape — and that they’ll reveal all at a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif., on Friday.

“I think you’ll find that this is the real deal,” Robert Barrows of Redwood City, Calif., told the Bay City News local wire service.

Matthew Whitton, a cop in Clayton County, Ga., and his friend Rick Dyer, a former corrections officer, say they recently found the body in the woods of northern Georgia.

Veteran Bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi said he’s examined the body, and that scientists will get their chance soon.

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Deadly Tornado Hits Georgia Saturday on Heels of Friday Storm That Ripped Through Downtown Atlanta

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ATLANTA —  Two people in rural northwest Georgia are dead and dozens injured after a series of severe storms moved through the state, producing the first-ever tornado to hit downtown Atlanta.

A woman was killed in Polk County early Saturday afternoon when a storm demolished her home and threw her and her husband into a field, while an elderly man in neighboring Floyd County was killed by flying debris as he sat in his home, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Officials have not released the victims’ names.

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Calls to the Polk and Floyd County sheriff’s departments were not immediately returned.

National Weather Service officials were expected to be in both counties later Sunday to determine whether the damage was caused by a tornado or straight-line winds, meteorologist Vaughn Smith said.

In Atlanta, crews began cleaning up debris and broken glass Saturday from the tornado that struck the city with little warning the previous night. The storm cut a 6-mile path of destruction through the city with winds gusting up to 130 miles per hour, leaving homes crushed by centuries-old trees and numerous windows shattered in high-rise office buildings and hotels.

In neighborhoods just east of downtown — like the historic Cabbagetown where a loft apartment building partially collapsed and homes were destroyed — residents ducked under tables and hid in closets as the twister made its way through the city.

“It was just like everyone says it is — the proverbial freight train,” said Carol Grizzel as she cleaned debris out of her yard.

Some of the cleanup in Atlanta was delayed by a series of strong storms that moved through the state Saturday, bringing torrential rain, high winds and quarter-sized hail.

Residents had about eight minutes of warning before the twister struck downtown Friday night, weather officials said. The tornado, classified as an EF2 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale, lasted about 20 minutes.

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Man convicted of burying couple alive

May 7, 2007, 10:56PM

Information source: Houston Chronicle

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jurors on Monday convicted a 24-year-old man in the slayings of a retired couple who were buried alive in rural Georgia.

Michael James Jackson faces life in prison or the death penalty in the deaths of Reggie and Carol Sumner, both 61. Their bodies were found in a shallow grave near the Florida state line in July 2005.

Jackson was convicted on charges of first-degree murder, robbery and kidnapping. Three others are also charged in the deaths.

One of them, Bruce Kent Nixon, 19, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, robbery and kidnapping after leading police to the bodies. He agreed to testify against Jackson, Alan Lyndell Wade, 19, and Jackson’s girlfriend, Tiffany Ann Cole, 25.

Nixon testified that Jackson was the planner. Jackson said in court that he was guilty of helping come up with the robbery plan, but said it was Nixon and Wade who killed the Sumners.

When Jackson saw the couple being buried alive and heard the wife moaning inside the pre-dug grave, Jackson said, he did not try to stop it because he was afraid he would be next.

Jackson later used the Sumners’ bank card and PIN number to withdraw money from their bank account, prosecutors said.

Nixon’s plea agreement allows him to avoid the death penalty. He faces 52 years to life in prison. Cole and Wade are awaiting trial.

“We’ve still got a long way to go, but were making progress,” said Jean Clark, Reggie Sumner’s sister. “It’s in the hands of God.”

Telephone message left by The Associated Press with prosecutors and Jackson’s attorney, Richard Kuritz, were not immediately returned.