A Few of the Most Beautiful Things in the World

We all know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” when I came across an article that included the following in a class called “Most Beautiful” I found them interesting enough to share. 

One of the most beautiful houses in the world is in Barcelona, Spain

owned by the famous footballer, Ronaldhino

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world is
Niagara Falls in the U..S. and Canada

One of the most beautiful bridges in the world is in Japan ..

One of the most beautiful horses in the world is the Arabian

The most beautiful eyes in the world
belong to this little girl from Afghanistan

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Vancouver, Canada

One of the most beautiful little girls in the world is Fatima from Morocco

20 America’s Most Literate Cities (obviously none are included in the 10 states running out of smart people!)

Top 20 most literate cities:

Found at  http://www.wesh.com/slideshow/education/30297217/detail.html

 20. Virginia Beach, VA

 19.  Honolulu CDP, HI

 18.  Baltimore, MD

 17.  New Orleans, LA

 16.  Raleigh, NC

 15.  Oakland, CA

 14.  Kansas City, MO

 13.  Cleveland, OH

 12.  St. Paul, MN

 11.  Portland, OR

 10.  Denver, CO

  9.   San Francisco, CA

  8.   St. Louis, MO

  7.   Cincinnati, OH

  6.  Pittsburgh, PA

  5.  Boston, MA

  4.  Atlanta, GA

  3.  Minneapolis, MN

  2.  Seattle, WA

  1.  Washington, D.C.  (From my perspective I feel this one belongs in the list with “States running out of smart people”….flagranny2) 🙂

10 States running out of smart people

Top 10 states running out of smart people

Read more at   http://www.wesh.com/slideshow/irresistible/28521271/detail.html

 10. Utah

  9. Texas

  8.  Iowa

  7.  Wyoming

  6.  Arizona

  5.  Alaska

  4.  Idaho

  3.  Oklahoma

  2.  Michigan

  1.  Colorado

Now I’ll see if I can try and find the states with the “smartest” peopleflagranny2 🙂

The cutest video of a toddler having a tantrum but tries to get someone to see him

Why waste a temper tantrum if nobody is around to see it????

The World’s largest piece of cheese – a photo gallery

Wine and Cheese anyone?

Click to view slides and info


Thata looksa likea somea gou-da cheese dere, an-da sure woul-da go with a goo-da bottle ofa wine, Mamma Mia !!

Warning, this link is addictive – Have fun :)

Think you can fly a helicopter?

Click on the link below and give it a
whirl! Guaranteed to drive you crazy  !!!

If you are working for a living, do not forward to your
co-workers…The rest of the day will be useless to the

Read directions before you start….
Hold down to go up…release to go down

My highest score so far is 721 but still trying.
I would be interested to see how others are doing.