Presidential election-2008 My thoughts and rants !!!!!

Send in the clowns!!!  I really have to laugh at the Presidential election this year as it is one of the most screwed up election I have witnessed.  By the actions of the media you would think it a horrible thing for a woman, and a mother at that, to even consider running for an office, what, with children,?  What about a man as a father, I guess that is acceptable and nothing to take in consideration that his duties as a father might be interrupted or are they saying a father isn’t as important as a mother???? 

Let’s think back to when Bobby Kennedy was a father of 9-10 and running for President.  I guess it doesn’t matter how many children a man has to be responsible for to run for the office but let a woman run and my God she is choosing politics over her family. 

Has anyone noticed how many women commentators and anchors there are and you know what they have children too but let’s not point to the media it’s the media’s job to point to everyone else.  I particulary notice that Fox News has many segments with women anchors and also send women out in the fields to report on stories, tropical storms and hurricanes.  Are they considered a bad parent because of their occupation?????

I personally am sick of hearing about Sarah Palin and the fact that she is a mother and one with a special needs child.  Does that make her any less capable of doing a good job as VP.  I have seen quite a few VP’s who have done absolutely nothing.  I want to see an election that speaks to a platform of intentions I don’t want to hear a candidate say if I’m elected I will do this or that as they don’t always have the last word.  Show me a candidate who says if I’m elected I will TRY and not I will.  To me that makes more sense and I’d vote for that one in a heart beat. 

Let’s have an election not based on sex or race but based on what they will try to do for us, especially the middle and lower class plus senior citizens as they get the brunt of it.  As a senior citizen myself I see medicare being reduced each year and health benefits are almost zero.  Health benefits are for the rich and the big boys on the hill who don’t have to pay for any and have the sky as the limit on their medical care.  I’m sure not a one of them has to worry each month as to whether they eat or spend their medicare benefits on prescription drugs. 

OK, I have vented and could go on and on but for my sake and yours I’m going to end it here.  If anyone would like to share their thoughts I’d like to hear from  you……..flagranny2

Paris Hilton ‘Distraught’ Over Jail Time

Published: May 15, 2007
Filed at 10:21 p.m. ET

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Paris Hilton is ”emotionally distraught and traumatized” over her 45-day jail sentence and isn’t capable of testifying in a civil lawsuit against her, the socialite-reality TV star’s psychiatrist said.

Dr. Charles Sophy has been seeing Hilton, 26, for the past eight months and has talked with her several times since her May 4 hearing for violating the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case, according to court papers.

Sophy said Hilton needs time to recover from the shock of receiving jail time before testifying in a civil case brought against her by actress and diamond heiress Zeta Graff.

Messages left with Hilton’s spokesman and lawyer weren’t immediately returned early Tuesday.

In court papers filed Monday, Sophy said Hilton is ”distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the findings at the May 4 hearing … and her fear of incarceration.”

”At this point in time,” he continued, ”Ms. Hilton cannot effectively respond to examination as a witness or provide any significant input into her defense.”

Graff filed a $10 million lawsuit against Hilton in 2005, claiming the reality TV star spread ”vicious lies” about her. Hilton has denied that she was behind a report alleging Graff once tried to grab a necklace worth $4 million from her throat.

Superior Court Judge Linda K. Lefkowitz postponed the trial to August. It had been scheduled to begin this month.

Hilton and her pal Nicole Richie star on ”The Simple Life,” which throws them into everyday situations. After famously feuding and filming their parts separately last season, the celebutantes have reunited as camp counselors for the show’s upcoming installment on the Comcast Corp.-operated E! network.


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Paris cont’d……

America’s toughest sheriff” has been turned down

Due to the over crowding of the California jail, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county Texas offered to avail his jail facility to Paris but strangely enough his offer was turned down.

For those who are not familiar with this sheriff and his facility in Maricopa County Texas he is known for his infamous “tent city” otherwise known as the outdoor jail where the wrongdoers spend their time. They are all also required to wear pink underwear and sock, use pink towels and sheets and a good old bologna sandwich in on the lunch menu every day. Arpaio felt that even though Paris likes pink that since the temp in the daytime can reach in the triple digits he said “that might leave Paris feeling just a bit punky”.

His offer was made due to the overcrowding of the jails and felt that if she were at his facility she would be able to server out the full 45 days rather than only having to spend 2 weeks or less.

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Paris Hilton Sentenced to 45 Days in Jail (do you think she will choose to upgrade her jail cell?)

For some reason “celebrities” think they are above the law and it doesn’t apply to them and when they are sentenced they cry they are being picked on because of who they are.  Oh, that’s right, a set of laws for us peasants and one for celebs, how ignorant could I be? 

I’m at the age that I remember the “Kennedy – Chappaquiddick” incident” which proved back then and continues to this day, it is who you are and who you know as to how the law looks at you. 

Published: May 5, 2007
Filed at 1:50 p.m. ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A judge sentenced a shocked and tearful Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail on Friday, ruling that the hotel heiress violated her probation for a previous traffic offense by knowingly driving without a valid license.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer rejected Hilton’s defense that she didn’t realize her license was suspended and ordered the 26-year-old socialite to report to a county detention facility on June 5.

Hilton wept and her mother, Kathy, yelled at the prosecutor, “You’re pathetic,” as the packed courtroom cleared. (*Oh my, such harsh words from a rich bitch*)

The stunning decision capped a two-hour hearing in which prosecutors argued that Hilton was thumbing her nose at the court and seeking to be placed above the law, while defense lawyers said she was being singled out for harsh treatment because of her celebrity.

Taking the witness stand in her own defense, the star of the reality TV show “The Simple Life” testified that she was unaware her driving privileges had been completely suspended at the time police stopped her and impounded her car on February 27.

Hilton said her publicist, Elliot Mintz, had told her she was permitted to drive for work-related reasons after the first 30 days of her license suspension late last November, and that she relied on what he had said. (*that’s right, she can’t use her own head*)

But the judge said he did not believe Hilton, pointing to a notice she had received from a police officer, and had signed, during another traffic stop in January.

He said Hilton had “completely ignored” that notice, which she had carried in her glove box for weeks, and another license suspension notice sent to her office address by the Department of Motor Vehicles that Hilton said she never saw.

“In my opinion, there’s not doubt that she knew that her license had been suspended,” the judge said. “She doesn’t look at her mail, her personal assistant never goes through it either. … I think she just wanted to disregard everything that was said and continued to drive no matter what.”


In a final statement before she was sentenced, Hilton, dressed in a gray waist jacket, white blouse and black pants, her blond hair tied back in a pony tail, stood before the judge and denied that she had sought to flout the law.

“I did what I was told. I would never drive just because I want to. I follow the law and I respect the law. From now on I want to pay complete attention to everything,” (*Well good for her, at age 26 she should be able to pay attention to something besides herself*) she said. “I just want to say I’m sorry.”

But the judge was unmoved. (*Good for him*)

“Probation is revoked — 45 days in jail,” he declared.

Hilton’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, said he would appeal “to modify the sentence.”

“It is clear that she has been selectively targeted for prosecution for who she is,” he said outside the courthouse.

Hilton was sentenced in January to three years on probation and ordered into an alcohol-education program for pleading no contest — the equivalent of a guilty plea — to alcohol-related reckless driving after a September 2006 arrest.

In February, she was pulled over again for driving without headlights. Police impounded her car, a $190,000 blue Bentley, when they discovered she was driving on a suspended license.

Hilton recently finished taping episodes for a fifth season of “The Simple Life,” which returns to the airwaves later this month.

I do think you have to blame her parents for the way they have allowed her to conduct herself.  As much as I hate “The Donald” he and his wife, or maybe it was his wife, did raise their kids to become diginified citizens.  A far cry from the Hiltons.

*indicates my interjections

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Prejudice by choice? Don Imus – was it fair?

After sitting and watching what has been happening over the last few days regarding the fate of Don Imus it makes me wonder was this prejudice by choice or loss of freedom of speech and who has the right to determine which is which. I don’t condone what Don Imus said at all but in some ways I feel this was a double edge sword. 

We are constantly crying “freedom of speech” yet there are political watchdogs sitting with baited breath waiting to pounce on any statement that can be construed as biased or prejudice so they can rush to the media, and in my opinion, set out to see how much damage they can do to one’s career.  I don’t think naming names is really necessary as we all know who they are and the list isn’t limited to two.

I read an article written by HARVEY FIERSTEIN, an actor and playwright who said, and I quote “he is a gay American and fat”.  In his article he toggles with the idea how and when one chooses to be prejudice.  I think his article is worth reading and his views definitely have merit. 

Almost every night we hear comedians poke fun at fat people, celebs in rehab, comments relating to “the gay community”.  Programs like “politically incorrect” will hash and rehash derogatory statements made by others and yet, neither the  comedians, talk show hosts, etc, lose their endorsements or sponsors.

Even recording artists can rap about anything without too much controversy, probably because you can’t you can’t understand most of what they are saying.  Some have come under scrutiny but it has to be something really controversial and media worthy and even at that a mere apology or slap on the wrist takes care of it. Being dropped from the recording industry is not a consideration, at least none that I can think of but I could be wrong, that has happened a couple of times 😉 according to my husband. 

I definitely think Imus’s comment was out of line and of poor taste but should it have cost him his job?

For those of you who are too young to remember the “Tonight Show”, before Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, the original show years ago was hosted by Jack Paar.  One night he made reference to the bathroom as a “water closet“.  Believe it or not, he was fired!