Will it be Apple Juice or a Margarita? Applebee’s Serves Toddler Margarita In Sippy Cup

Friday, June 15, 2007

(AP) ANTIOCH, Calif. An executive with the Applebee’s restaurant chain says its restaurants won’t be keeping juices and margarita mixes in similar looking containers any more after a toddler was accidentally served a margarita at one of its locations in Antioch.

Police say two-year-old Julian Mayorga was served an alcoholic beverage in a covered, plastic sippy cup on Monday night at the Applebee’s franchise in Antioch.

The boy’s mother — Kim Mayorga — said she noticed Julian making funny faces and pushing away his cup.

She had ordered apple juice for the child, but when she opened the lid she was hit by the smell of tequila and Triple Sec.

The toddler grew drowsy, started vomiting a few hours later and was rushed to the hospital.

An Applebee’s vice president says the restaurant keeps apple juice and the premixed margarita concoction in identical-looking plastic bottles on ice behind the bar.

A manager on duty mistakenly grabbed the margarita bottle instead of the apple juice jug.