Fool me once, fool me 4 times ????

Here is a copy of an article that was in my local paper today that gave me a chuckle.  I hope you find some humor in it as well. We all know the saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Somehow I feel the customer was definitely the smarter one in this case.

Man arrested in Indiana for skipping out on the same meal five straight weeks.
From The Associated Press

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — A scofflaw who came to be known as the gin and tonic bandit went to the same restaurant each Wednesday, ordered two drinks and a rib-eye steak, then skipped out on his $25.96 bill.

His dining, drinking and dashing days may be over.

Police arrested the man on preliminary charges of theft and resisting law enforcement. He was being held early Friday at the Monroe County Jail on $2,000 bond, authorities said.

Each Wednesday night for four weeks running, the same man came into the same O’Charley’s restaurant and ordered the two drinks and the steak, restaurant manager Teresa Tolbert told police.

At the end of each meal, the wait staff would present him with his bill for $25.96, and he would excuse himself to use the restroom, then skip out without paying.

The man appeared a fifth time Wednesday night, but the restaurant was ready for him, police said.

When his server presented the bill, he again claimed he needed to use the bathroom. But when he walked out of the restaurant, four employees were waiting for him. They confronted him about the unpaid bill, which he offered to pay with a check, police said.

After Tolbert told him the restaurant didn’t accept checks, the man “got nervous and ran,” according to the police report.

Officer Randy Gehlhausen caught up with the man as he was trying to open his car door. The diner struggled with Gehlhausen, who wrestled him to the ground and handcuffed him.

Woman ill after eating recalled dog food

Okie dokie now, for all of you out there who, in trying to get your children to eat, take a bite of their food and say “yummy yum, yum” it is totally recommended that you don’t do the same for your pets or you might become a victim like this woman did.   

“After noticing her dog, Missy, wasn’t eating, Larabie said she took bites of Iams pet food in order to trick the terrier into thinking it was people food.

The ploy worked and the mealtime routine continued for about two weeks until both dog and master became sick on March 17. 

It wasn’t until she saw a TV news story about the Menu Foods recall that she connected the dots. Last week, the Toronto-area company recalled 60 million cans and pouches of food made under 95 different brand names. On Sunday, the recall was expanded to include all varieties of the company’s wet dog and cat food, amid concerns that tainted products are still being sold.” 

For the full story 

Refusing to scan pork – what’s next in line?

Ok, I must be in a bitchy mood but I sure as hell don’t get it.  How is it that one can apply for a job as a cashier with full knowledge of what the job entails and, that due to their religious beliefs, knows there will be a conflict but fails to tell the employer when they accept the job? Customer service and faith clash at registers  

Now as a cashier, from what I know, they go through a training period before being turned loose on your own.  Still, throughout this training period they say nothing about a certain product/products being in conflict with their religion.   It is only after they are on their own, a customer comes to their checkout station and one of their items, a “pork” product, do they suddenly remember that “pork” is against their religion and they refuse to scan the product.  This, in my mind, is nothing but a plan that was intentional to begin with, one that was meant as a publicity stunt and a way to cry discrimination and cause disruption.   

Trust me, this is not about pro or con regarding any one religion as I respect everyone’s religion and their own way of worship but I do resent the it when they try to use it as a way to disrupt our country.  We are a melting pot but that doesn’t mean that we have to bow to everyone.  We have our own country and by GOD we need to stand by her.  There is no way, let’s say that Americans can go to France and demand  they  speak English, as an example, but yet WE are expected to change OUR way for everyone else.  Now is it hard to even get a job unless you speak Spanish, yet this is America, an English speaking country.  I feel we are quickly falling away from what being an American originally meant. 

The fact that someone can take a job as a cashier, then refuse to scan “pork” because it is against their religion, to me is like someone becoming a barber but then refuses to cut hair as it is against their religion.  I feel this was nothing short of a stunt and they probably had no intention of being a cashier to begin with. 

I’d be interested to see if I’m the only one who feels this way but I’m hoping not. 

26 Animals Seized From Calif. Motel Room

Information from: Santa Cruz Sentinel, .  You can read more of the story at:

“SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — Santa Cruz County authorities have confiscated more than two dozen animals from a couple who were hoarding them in their motel room they shared with two children. Staff of the downtown Santa Cruz motel went to the man and woman’s room on Tuesday because they had not heard from the couple in more than a month. Inside they found 20 domestic birds, a cat and a rabbit. There was one dead bird in a cage and three others stuffed in the freezer.“In this particular case, they also collected junk in addition to animals,” said Todd Stosuy, animal control manager for the Santa Cruz County Animal Services Authority.The couple, who shared the room with their two children, could face misdemeanor animal neglect charges, but they were not cited or arrested”“Personally I think misdemeanor animal neglect charges are more like a slap on the wrist for this couple and no doubt they will do something like this again.” 

Man, Deer,=Sex

The following information is from: The Daily Telegram, 3/20/07  The latest update is at:Man faces probation in animal abuse case

The SUPERIOR, Wis(AP) — A 20-year-old man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer. The sentence also requires Bryan James Hathaway to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in
Duluth, Minn. (“Ya think?”) “The state believes that particular place is the best to provide treatment for the individual,” Assistant District Attorney Jim Boughner said. (You mean there are only certain institutes trained in that area?)Hathaway’s probation will be served at the same time as a nine-month jail sentence he received in February for violating his extended supervision.He was found guilty in April 2005 of felony mistreatment of an animal after he killed a horse with the intention of having sex with it. (Is he so desperate that he can’t find a live 2 legged person to have sex with?)  He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and two years of extended supervision on that charge as well as six years of probation for taking and driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent.Hathaway pleaded no contest earlier this month to misdemeanor mistreatment of an animal for the incident involving the deer. He was sentenced Tuesday in Douglas County Circuit Court.“The type of behavior is disturbing,” Judge Michael Lucci said. “It’s disturbing to the public. It’s disturbing to the court.” (You bet it’s disturbing, but even worse than that is the fact that he only received probation, and THAT didn’t work the first time, geesh)

Ohio Woman – fake rescurer, drowns over 650 animals!!!

Please be heard and send this woman to jail!!!

This petition is to get Maureen McLaughlin the maximum sentence for the senseless murder of more than 650 companion animals since July 2002 Please sign and pass on. This petition will be downloaded and sent to Prosecutor Hedrick when McLaughlin nears her hearing and her trial date for these crimes.

Below is the link to sign the petition

It really amazes me how cruel people can be, I guess it shouldn’t as we hear about it every day on the news and yet it still just doesn’t enter my mind that people can be so cruel to a baby, a child and yes, even animals.

These animals had done nothing wrong and people had taken the animals to this lady as they were under the pretense that she was one who rescued animals. Some even thought that she was helping or working in conjunction with a veterinarian. Latest update at:

For 5 years now, as she began her “killing spree” in 2002 she obviously seeked pleasure out of watching these poor animals die. Now how sick is that? It is good that she was finally caught when she confessed to killing her mother and neighbor’s cats after finding a cat carcass in her apartment.

She will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before her trial. Please click on the link below for latest update: