Video Shows Woman Ignored While Dying in New York Mental Hospital

Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Article from Associated Press as reported by FoxNews

After watching the video I was in disbelief that someone actually let this happen with no conscience at all.  I guess by now I shouldn’t be shocked by what people allow to happen when they could have helped but something like this makes me feel ashamed to think there are people that can ignore a situation like this………flagranny2


BROOKLYN, N.Y. —  Stunning video from a surveillance camera at a Brooklyn hospital shows a woman dying on the floor of a psychiatric emergency room while staffers ignore her.

The video was released by lawyers suing Kings County Hospital alleging neglect and abuse of mental health patients at the medical facility.

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(when you click on this vide it will take you to the one or several ones taken from different views however the one that was originally posted that I first saw closer resembels the 3rd one down on the list at the right where she was completely ignored.) …flagranny2

The video shows the 49-year-old woman falling out of her chair at about 5:30 a.m. June 19, then lying face-down on the floor and thrashing around before going still. The woman died.

People nearby, including two security guards, do nothing to help. An hour passes before a fellow patient finally gets the attention of a staffer.

The tape also suggests that staff at the hospital might have faked medical charts belonging to the victim, Esmin Green, to cover her lack of treatment, the New York Daily News reported.

Her medical chart claims the Jamaica native got up to walk to the bathroom when she was actually writhing on the floor, the News reported. The records also have Green sitting quietly in her chair when she was already dead.

“Thank God for the videotape because no one would have believed this could have happened,” Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, told the Daily News.

The agency that runs the municipal hospital — the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp. — fired six staffers, including the two security guards.

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Washington State Woman Who Drowned Daughter Gets 23 Years

Saturday, May 19, 2007

SEATTLEA woman who drowned her 6-year-old daughter because she believed the girl was a demon was sentenced to 23 years in prison for first-degree murder.

“At the time of my action, I did not realize I was doing anything wrong,” Samara Spann, 32, wrote in a letter to King County Superior Court. “I wish I could rewrite the script, because then my daughter would be living.”

Spann, 32, formerly of White Center, admitted to investigators that on Dec. 31, 2004, she grew frustrated when her daughter, Kyeimah, wouldn’t go to sleep and repeatedly interrupted her phone conversation. She drew a bath and drowned the girl.

Two days later, she told investigators, she took an ax to the body, decapitating it and tossing the remains off a bridge into a body of water. The girl’s remains were never found.

For six months after the death, Spann claimed she had sent the girl to live with her father. Investigators persuaded her to confess.

Her sentence was near the middle of the standard 20- to 27-year range. King County Deputy Prosecutor Kristin Richardson agreed that Spann had a troubled past, but said the woman just wanted to get rid of her daughter. Spann told sheriff’s detectives the girl needed “too much damn attention,” Richardson said.

Her attorney, Virginia Faller, said Spann was abused as a child and suffered severe mental problems. Judge Joan DuBuque agreed Friday, but said, “No child deserves to be treated in the way that this child was treated.”

Spann’s father, Gary, asked DuBuque for the maximum sentence.

“We begged you, we fought you, we did everything we possibly could to get her away from you,” he said, addressing his daughter. “You were worse than Kyeimah when you were little, but you’re still here.”

Spann was sent to Western State Hospital several times for mental-health and competency evaluations, but was ultimately deemed competent. She pleaded guilty in March.