Home Depot – Where the hell do I live????

Yep, it has finally happened, my fellow Americans. After writing my blog about what country am I in reality struck home……as in Home Depot. My husband and I were in the local Home Depot where we live as we were in the process of ordering flooring for our house and in order to take advantage of their wonderful discount which was available by opening a store credit account we took them up on that offer. The salesperson politely handed us the application and as we started to fill it out we sat there dumbstruck. What in the world was this? It was an application alright but wait a minute, shouldn’t it be in english? Were we not in Florida? We only had driven 3 miles and yet here they had handed us an application in Spanish with English as an option.



You know, I wake up each morning wondering which country I am really in. I know I used to be in America. A country that was founded on faith, the language was English and the government was by the people and for the people. Now I wake up and check the morning paper and yes, it is still the same one I have been getting over the past 44 years since moving to Florida. The name is the same but the news is totally different.

The once faith built country I now read that people are trying to now take the faith out of everything from coins to schools to our every being.

The once English speaking country has now become one of many languages because people who come to “the land of plenty” now demand that their language be spoken as well rather than learning the language of the country. I wonder if we all moved to France and demanded they all speak our language if they would be so giving. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome everyone to our country I just don’t see why they refuse to learn our language. Why must our ballots be in more that one language. When I buy a product it now takes me forever to find the directions and info in English!!

We have become a country where someone cries discrimination we bow to their every whim. We have stripped ourselves of everything our country was founded on to appease others.

Speaking of appeasing others, there is another thorn. We are always the first in to aide other countries, why is it so hard to be first in to aide our own. The disasters this year from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma were horrible to say the least and where were we.

  • Why is it that we were able to reach the Tsunami victims faster than we could reach our own?
  • Why do we have so many senior citizens and disabled citizens who have to wait and beg for disability hearings to get government aid?

I love my country, I just want it back !!!!!! That includes my state of Florida where our dear governor, little Jebber Bush feels the need to show off his non-fluent speaking spanish now and then. Last I checked Florida was still part of the USA and not a Latin country……….woe is me