We send our military troops into a country that …

We send our military troops into a country that believes in killing their own people, using their women and children as shields to protect them from our attacks. They take our men/women as hostages and announce when they will behead them.

We on the other hand take their men as hostages and all is turned around that we are the ones who are the unjust and should be punished. Excuse me, but somehow this seems to be the most jackass of a call I’ve ever seen. Our media has become such a delight in portraying us to the world as the “BAD COUNTRY” as to the way we treat our hostages. Even worse is the fact that our military is backing up this so called “unjust treatment” and disgraced these hostages. HELLO………Dubya, we are loosing lives every day to these people you say we have disgraced. Whose pot are ya pissing in??

Well pardon me but the one who is a disgrace is Dubya (who I’m sure knows that war is hell, as he once served, or served once, in the military so he must know, right?) Ah Dubya and your defense department must be practicing social graces with enemy hostages. I can see your bookshelf now with a book called “Hostage Etiquette”.

  • All meals serverd with napkins & flower on each tray
  • Clean bed linens every day
  • Polish and shine prisoner shoes

I think you get the picture, if not, I’ll come to Washington and draw one for ya.