Yahoo! News – Some See Link in Deaths of Pope, Schiavo

It is amazing as to the length the media will go to carry out what they call news
as they did with Terry Schiavo, (may she finally rest in peace), but to go as far
as seeing a comparrison to her death with the Pope’s and suggesting they are
like bookends, is like comparing every blonde female as a likeness to Marilyn
Monroe. There definitely was a link, THEY WERE BOTH CATHOLIC.

I am not sure as to who is more corrupt, our media or our government.

They choose one individual to highlight an invasion of privacy.

They choose to ignore the many who lay sick and are in need of help.

They choose to ignore health conditions, to name one, Gastroparesis.
How many know what that condition is??

They are selective as to what they deem newsworthy without any thoughts given to the many others in our country who are sick and suffering from one day to the next wondering if they will make it. Who cares about Jane Doe needing a liver transplant, not a big enough story eh, as they aren’t a celebrity?