New limit on drugs may hurt ill poor !!!!! State News
“The state is forcing Medicaid mental-health patients to try the cheapest medicines first”

As a senior citizen residing in the state of Florida it is such a comfort knowing that the state is more interested in saving money than it’s citizens. I have always said if I had to rely on the government for help I’d be a dead duck………looks like that is going to be a statement that will come true.

For some reason I seem to be living in a country that brags about what a great country this is, and I do agree, the country is great, the government stinks.

They look out for the rich and forget about the poor. A robin hood they aren’t, actually just the opposite.

They take from the poor to benefit the rich. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

If so, please let me know and point out what I am missing.