More Bodies Found in Desperate Ocean Search for Air France Crash Wreckage

Sunday, June 07, 2009 AP
4_68_060709_airfrance1 RECIFE, Brazil —  Search ships methodically worked through a “sea of debris” from a doomed Air France jet Sunday, recovering 15 more bodies near the spot where the Airbus A330 is believed to have gone down a week ago.

 The cause of the doomed jet is still unknown although after recovering a total of 17 bodies, (2 bodies were recovered Saturday, and Brazilian and French ships picked up 15 more Sunday),  about 45 miles from where the jet sent out it’s last signal, indicated electrical failure and loss of cabin pressure. 

The French agency investigating the disaster said airspeed instruments on the plane had not been replaced as the maker had recommended, but cautioned that it was too early to draw conclusions if the airspeed instruments…. [Continue ]

Large Chunks of Air France Jet Found in Atlantic Ocean

Rare Tornadoes Tear Through Calif.; 1 Killed in Colorado, Wyoming Twisters

Friday, May 23, 2008

It could be me but it seems like there have been more Tornadoes this year than in the past.  Between earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes they all have been more prevelent from year to year with this year beginning to seemingly set a record….flagranny2

SANTA ANA, Calif. —  A wild weather system lashed Southern California on Thursday with fierce thunderstorms that unleashed mudslides in wildfire-scarred canyons, spawned a tornado and dusted mountains and even low-lying communities with snow and hail.

The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for parts of Riverside County about 55 miles east of Los Angeles and area residents flooded TV stations with pictures and video of funnel clouds and at least one tornado on the ground.

Powerful wind or a funnel cloud toppled a tractor-trailer on a highway and freight cars on nearby railroad tracks, said Riverside County fire spokeswoman Jody Hageman. One person was rescued from the wrecked truck.

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“It got real windy, the sky got real dark,” said James Smith, a manager at a fitness center at nearby March Air Reserve Base. He was not aware of any damage to the base.

Michael Ritter was scrambling to put away lawn furniture in his backyard in Riverside when he spotted a tornado and grabbed his camera.

“It looked like one of those dirt devils and then it got bigger. I’ve never seen anything remotely as big,” Ritter said. “We could hear the wind from a mile away and see the debris flying up. I thought, that’s the real thing.”

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Deadly Tornado Hits Georgia Saturday on Heels of Friday Storm That Ripped Through Downtown Atlanta

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ATLANTA —  Two people in rural northwest Georgia are dead and dozens injured after a series of severe storms moved through the state, producing the first-ever tornado to hit downtown Atlanta.

A woman was killed in Polk County early Saturday afternoon when a storm demolished her home and threw her and her husband into a field, while an elderly man in neighboring Floyd County was killed by flying debris as he sat in his home, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Officials have not released the victims’ names.

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Calls to the Polk and Floyd County sheriff’s departments were not immediately returned.

National Weather Service officials were expected to be in both counties later Sunday to determine whether the damage was caused by a tornado or straight-line winds, meteorologist Vaughn Smith said.

In Atlanta, crews began cleaning up debris and broken glass Saturday from the tornado that struck the city with little warning the previous night. The storm cut a 6-mile path of destruction through the city with winds gusting up to 130 miles per hour, leaving homes crushed by centuries-old trees and numerous windows shattered in high-rise office buildings and hotels.

In neighborhoods just east of downtown — like the historic Cabbagetown where a loft apartment building partially collapsed and homes were destroyed — residents ducked under tables and hid in closets as the twister made its way through the city.

“It was just like everyone says it is — the proverbial freight train,” said Carol Grizzel as she cleaned debris out of her yard.

Some of the cleanup in Atlanta was delayed by a series of strong storms that moved through the state Saturday, bringing torrential rain, high winds and quarter-sized hail.

Residents had about eight minutes of warning before the twister struck downtown Friday night, weather officials said. The tornado, classified as an EF2 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale, lasted about 20 minutes.

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UPDATE:Re article-3 Dead After Brush Fire, Fog Cause 50-Car Pileup on Florida Interstate

Orlando Sentinel, January 10, 2008

Latest statistics –
70 car pile up
4 dead
38 injured with 4 being critical

Traffic Watch: I-4 still closed this morning in Polk County

Warning signs began nearly 20 hours before Polk crash

Warning signs began nearly 20 hours before Polk crash

 The warnings came long before metal  slammed  into metal on a moonless, socked-in Interstate- 4  early Wednesday.

 Before sunset Tuesday, National Weather Service  meteorologists  issued a fog alert based on a scale  of one through 10.  Experts consider seven or higher  to be risky for drivers. The forecast for north  Polk County was a 10.

A few hours later, the state Division of Forestry told the Florida Highway Patrol to expect dangerous
conditions because of a particularly stubborn and smoky wildfire at I-4 and County Road 557. The
blaze escaped from a controlled burn meant to get rid of dangerously dry brush.

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3 Dead After Brush Fire, Fog Cause 50-Car Pileup on Florida Interstate

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

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Latest news from our local TV station states that crews are working to get the road cleared and ready for traffic by morning.  This means they will be working through the night clearing the 15 mile stretch of highway of all debris and repaving the road.

 LAKELAND, Fla. —  About 50 cars crashed on a highway blanketed by fog and smoke from a brush fire Wednesday, and authorities said at least three people were killed.

A stretch of nearly 15 miles of Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando was closed by several accidents, including the 50-car pileup. Aerial footage showed the soupy mix of fog and smoke covering the landscape for miles and giving the sky an eerie golden color.

The poor visibility forced rescuers to walk along the closed interstate checking individual vehicles for injured motorists, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Larry Coggins said. The conditions cleared in late morning, showing mangled, charred trucks and cars pinned underneath some tractor trailers.Workers were still trying to rescue one man pinned beneath an overturned truck.

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Workers were still trying to rescue one man pinned beneath an overturned truck. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd did not say how many people were injured. Numerous tractor trailers overturned on the roadway, including a tanker. At least six of them burned completely.“Everything came to a halt,” Robert Ellison, who was driving east on the highway about 6 a.m., told The Tampa Tribune and WFLA-TV. “You can’t see your hand in front of your face.”One of the first accident victims was a sheriff’s deputy, Judd said. The deputy told Judd that conditions on the road worsened suddenly. “‘It was clear, it was a little foggy, then it was total darkness,”‘ Judd recounted the deputy saying.

The sheriff said the deputy was shaken up, but helped move people to safety as vehicles continued to crash — the sounds of metal grinding and gnashing in the darkness.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash and the role of smoke from the fire that started as a controlled burn and grew out of control.

Judd said he was “exceptionally concerned” about the decision to start a fire during dry conditions and days after a freeze likely added more tinder. State officials are still investigating how the fire got out of control.

Since Tuesday, the fire has charred 400 acres. It is burning roughly half a mile from the highway and is 90 percent contained, Division of Forestry spokeswoman Chris Kintner said.

She said forestry workers notified the highway patrol that smoke from the blaze could mix with fog. Warnings signs were also placed on the interstate, but Kintner said she didn’t know if the signs were lit.

More Rain Forecast for Texas, Oklahoma After Days of Flooding

Friday, June 29, 2007 

FORT WORTH, Texas —  Flood-weary residents of Texas and Oklahoma had no reprieve Friday as more rain fell in a region where two weeks of storms have swollen rivers and lakes beyond their limits. Thousands of people have been forced from their homes, though some residents were holding out, saying conditions are no worse than floods they’ve weathered before.A state of emergency was in place for all of Oklahoma on Friday, and flood watches and warnings were posted for river communities. A flood watch was in effect for 28 counties in Texas, where the storms have been blamed for at least 11 deaths.The chance of more rain Friday in the affected areas of Texas was more than 60 percent, said Jesse Moore, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Fort Worth.“The storms are very efficient rain producers, and if you happen to be under one of them you can pick up 1 1/2 or 2 inches an hour,” Moore said. “Right now with the ground being saturated, it’s all run-off and that causes the flash flooding we’ve been seeing.

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