ClipBandits – First Web Band

I’m sure many of you have already heard of the “clipbandits” but for those of you who haven’t, myself included, I found this article interesting.  Of course nothing amazes me today but to read how this band came together and made a recording without ever having met I found it to be fascinating to say the least.    

ClipBandits became instant YouTube sensations as the world’s first web band with the release of their first video, “Internet Killed the Video Star”, which has since been viewed over 1.3 million times. ClipBandits had never met each other, didn’t know each other’s names or where each other lived. They only knew one another’s YouTube user names and created their original music by syncing each other’s YouTube videos.ClipBandits have since been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, were invited to meet and perform for the first time on FOX Network’s Tyra Banks Show, received “Honorable Mention” in the national Cingular Wireless Underground Band Contest, were the #1 featured video by YouTube at the top of their main page, have been covered by TV news in Italy, Singapore, Russia, Venezuela, India, Canada and Brazil, as well as countless print and internet articles around the world. Nokia-Brazil selected ClipBandits Channel as recommended content for wireless Internet devices. Search “ClipBandits” in Google to get a sense of the massive international coverage ClipBandits have enjoyed. ClipBandits have released a follow up video entitled, “Higher”.A very special thank you to Tyra Banks, ABC News and Good Morning America for allowing these appearances to be posted as videos on the ClipBandits YouTube channel. Much much appreciation to YouTube for making all this possible. And a gigantic THANK YOU to the thousands of fans who have taken the time to contact ClipBandits with generous support and feedback!See the entire ClipBandits story unfold by viewing the videos on the ClipBandits Channel. Visit http://www.ClipBandits.comThe Worlds first web band live in Los Angeles CA, New York City and Austin Texas.ClipBandits are:J-Pe$o………………Vocals and 12-String
Girl Bass Player…..Bass
ClipBandit………….Electric Guitar Matzorkis

Written by J-Pe$o
Produced by ClipBandit

NOTICE!!! ClipBandits have selected a drummer to join the band! We asked drummers to submit audition tapes as video responses to our “Internet Killed the Video Star” video. After reviewing many great audition tapes, we selected ActionJackson75. who will join us in our next video. Thank you to all of you who took the time to submit an audition tape. nicholas matzorkis

ClipBandits – Internet Killed the Video Star

New ClipBandits Video: Higher