BREAKING NEWS UPDATE:Bobby Cutts Jr. Found Guilty of Killing Pregnant Girlfriend Jessie Davis

Friday, February 15, 2008

  Request for Mistrial Denied !!!

CANTON, Ohio  —  A former police officer who tearfully told jurors he accidentally killed his pregnant lover was convicted Friday of murdering her and their unborn child.Bobby Cutts Jr. could face the death penalty. He had claimed he accidentally killed Jessie Davis by putting an elbow to her throat, then panicked.

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Cutts, 30, was convicted of aggravated murder in the death of the nearly full-term female fetus, which carries the possible death penalty. Jurors will return later this month to weigh a sentencing recommendation.

The jury found him not guilty of aggravated murder in Davis’ death, a count that includes intent to kill with prior calculation. But they convicted him of a lesser charge of murder in her death.

Defense attorneys asked Stark County Common Pleas Judge Charles E. Brown Jr. to declare a mistrial because the differing verdicts on the two counts.

Brown rejected the request, saying the allegations involved separate individuals: Davis and the fetus.

Jurors reached their decision on their fourth day of deliberations. Cutts sat with his hands on his lap and held his head erect without emotion as the verdicts were read.

Prosecutors told the jury that Cutts killed Davis, 26, last June at her Lake Township home to get out of child support payments for a fourth child.

The couple’s 2 1/2-year-old son, Blake, who was found home alone, gave investigators their first clues to his mother’s disappearance when he said, “Mommy’s crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy’s in the rug,” and, later, “Daddy’s mad.”

For more than a week, Cutts, then an officer on the Canton police force, denied knowledge of her whereabouts as thousands searched in the area. He finally led authorities to the body, wrapped in a comforter and dumped in a park about 20 miles from her home.

Cutts testified for four hours Monday, saying tearfully [continued]


Davis’ family comes home

Volunteers renovate donated house for son, mother of pregnant woman killed in June  (For the full story please continue)

Patty Porter, the mother of the late Jessie Marie Davis, center, holds hands with Ann Kagarise, left, and Jennifer Snyder and reacts as she sees Nov. 19, 2007, the Coventry Township, Ohio, home in which she and her two-year-old grandson, Blake, will be living. Blake is the son of Jesse Marie Davis, who prosecutors say was killed by her lover, Canton patrolman Bobby Cutts Jr. The home was donated by Countrywide Home Loans. THe Home Builders Association Serving Portage & Summit Counties oversaw renovations. (Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

They couldn’t undue the nightmare that will forever haunt this family.

Yet, the Home Builders Association Serving Portage and Summit Counties and others were committed to doing all within their powers to let in a little sunshine.

For 60 days, volunteers from the local building industry labored hard and long to make over a house in Coventry Township for the family of the late Jessie Marie Davis, the 26-year-old pregnant Lake Township woman who was killed last summer. Charged in that horrific crime is Canton police officer Bobby Cutts Jr., the father of Blake, who is also believed to be the father of Davis’ unborn daughter. Davis was within days of delivering her daughter Chloe.

On Monday evening, Patty Porter — Davis’ mother — her soon-to-be 3-year-old grandson Blake Davis and other family members — some blindfolded — were led to their new home, complete with a security system.

The three-bedroom, split-level foreclosure home was donated to Blake and his grandmother by Countrywide Home Loans and volunteers from the home builders association. The interior was stripped down to the studs. The exterior got new siding, shutters, windows and a garage door.

Jennifer Snyder of Charlotte, N.C. — formerly of Uniontown — who earlier shepherded a huge fundraising effort she called ”Blake’s Brighter Tomorrow” that includes an educational trust fund, also worked on securing a number of other
surprises for the family, including furnishings and a decorated Christmas tree.

June Lambert of Uniontown, who took part in the search for Jessie Davis, also played a role in turning the house into a home for Blake, his grandmother and two of her adopted sons, 17 and 12.

The refurbished home is a beautiful blend of old and new. The work was facilitated by association President Len Huddleston and 118 volunteers.

Davis’ glass dining room table, living room furniture and Blake’s old play table are there.

”It was important, we thought, to have some familiar things for Blake,” Snyder said.

Brand-new is the living room furniture, donated by Williams Furniture in Dover; a new outdoor playset from Hartville Kid’s World; a 37-inch television; a pantry and refrigerator full of food, plus a membership from BJ’s Wholesale Club; bedroom furniture from Andrea’s furniture in Sugarcreek; and a riding lawn mower, trimmer, leaf blower and snowblower from Bair’s in North Canton.

Ann Kagarise of New Franklin was the one who planted the seed for getting a house for the family by writing a letter to the home builders association.

Kagarise, who is a reporter with the Suburbanite, said she went home and wrote the letter the day after Davis’ body was found.

”We can’t help everybody,” Kagarise said about the reason for helping this family, who at the time numbered six and were living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. ”But we can help the one in front of us.”

All of us, she said, have the capacity to do the same.

”That letter really touched us,” Huddleston said. ”So we had some conversations with our board and Secretary-Treasurer Tony Crasi.”

”And Countrywide donated the foreclosed property.”

Porter, who was tearful upon seeing the house, said she was overwhelmed and overjoyed.

”I just can’t say thank you enough,” she said.

Other surprises included:

The $31,000 gift tax associated with the house has been paid — a large portion by a couple of Snyder’s clients.

Grace Bible Church in New Franklin is preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinner for 30 at the new house.

As a special thank you to all of the people who worked on the house and gave so freely of their time, Cleveland Browns cornerback Leigh Bodden came to the post-ribbon-cutting party at nearby Tadmor Temple to meet with the family and to distribute 100 free tickets to the Browns’ last game of the season against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Browns also delivered a team jacket to Blake and goodie bags to his uncles for their rooms.          

There are 2 pages devoted of how and what all a wonderful community did to help ease the tragedy this family suffered.  Highly recommended reading if you had followed the case from the onset…… continue

Bobby Cutts Indicted on Murder Charges in Deaths of Jessie Davis, Unborn Child

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A grand jury brought seven indictments against a former police officer accused of killing pregnant Ohio mom Jessie Davis, including three counts of aggravated murder, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Bobby Cutts Jr. will face one count of murder for Davis’ death and two counts of murder for the death of her unborn child when he is arraigned Friday morning, Stark County Prosecutor John D. Ferrero said at a news conference.

“There’s not much that we can say regarding the facts of this case. I hope the media can respect that,” Ferrero said Thursday. “We fully intend for this case to go to trial and at that point in time you will be able to hear the circumstances behind this case.”

The grand jury also leveled felony charges of aggravated burglary, two counts of abuse of a corpse and one misdemeanor count of child endangerment against the former Canton police officer. The murder charges could bring the death penalty, Ferrero said.

Myisha Ferrell, Cutts’ former high school classmate, faces two charges at her Friday arraignment: obstructing justice and complicity to the abuse of a corpse. The first charge carries a maximum of 5 years in prison; the second, 18 months. Prosecutors accuse her of helping dispose of Davis’ body.  [ Full Story ]

Update Jessie Davis:8/22/07- Prosecutors Plan Announcement in Case of Slain Pregnant Woman Jessie Davis

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CLEVELAND —  Prosecutors who recently presented a grand jury with the case of a pregnant woman killed in her northeast Ohio home planned to hold a news conference Thursday regarding the police officer charged in her death.

Jessie Davis, 26, was killed June 14 and her disappearance drew national attention as thousands gathered to search for her in the area surrounding her home near North Canton, about 45 miles south of Cleveland.

Davis’ body, still carrying a nearly full-term fetus, was found nine days later about 25 miles away from her home in a remote area of a park.

Stark County assistant prosecutor Dennis Barr would only say the news conference regards Canton police officer Bobby Cutts Jr., who has been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Davis and her unborn child.

Cutts, 30, is the father of Davis’ 2 1/2-year-old son, Blake, and her family says he was the father of the baby girl who was due to be delivered July 3.

Attorney Myron Watson, who represents Cutts, said the case was presented to a grand jury two or three weeks ago, but he did not know of an indictment.

“We’re waiting and we’re in the dark,” Watson said Wednesday. Cutts maintains his innocence, he said.

Prosecutors have 90 days from Cutts’ June 23 arrest to take the case to trial. Cutts is being held on a $5 million bond.

The news conference was scheduled for 10 a.m. at the Stark County Sheriff’s office.

Barr said prosecutors would also discuss Myisha Ferrell, Cutts’ former high school classmate, who has been charged with obstruction of justice. Prosecutors accuse her of helping dispose of Davis’ body.  [ Full Story ]

Jessie Davis:Medical Examiner Unable to Determine How Jessie was Killed(Hmm, possible strategy behind waiving rights to preliminary hearing)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

CLEVELAND — After more than five weeks of tests and investigation, a medical examiner said Wednesday she was unable to determine how a pregnant woman was killed. [Full story]

IN MY WORDSFrom the minute we  heard the words of a little boy Blake, “Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy’s in rug.”we were all caught up in what started out as a missing person only to become a horrific crime.  

If we remember, when Cutts lead them to where Jessie’s body was buried they found it already decomposed more than what they would consider normal.  They contributed it to the type of soil in that area which was mostly wet/damp. 

Now the Medical Examiner is unable to determine HOW Jessie was killed and I have a feeling that’s what Cutts plan was to begin with. 

If you have read this far, stick with me here and let me explain why I think they really waived their rights to the preliminary hearings.

1 – Cutts and Ferrell had so much cleaning products I think they used it not only to clean up any mess in the house and car but also on the body. 
2- I think Cutts had a specific reason for burying Jessie where they did.

By burying Jessie where they did it put her body in an area where conditions were conducive to promoting decomposition along with the help of all the cleaning solutions.  It put distance and time allowing the body more time to decompose. 

I believe Cutts is relying on the decomposition to help his case.  Why, because being a policeman he knows that a body can be so decomposed that it’s not only impossible to determine the cause of death but unable to determine how they were killed.  

By waiving rights to preliminary hearings there would be no evidence released to the public prior to the case going before a Stark County grand jury. 

I think it goes without saying both Bobby Cutts will be convicted of double homicide and felony however without the ME unable to determine the exact cause of death it could  possibly have an affect as to what sentence Cutts will receive; life with/without parole, death, etc. 

I think in the end Ferrall will be facing the same sentencing.  With all the cleaning solutions she had, she had to be more involved other than obstruction of justice.   

(Thanks for reading my thoughts,   flagranny2   🙂

From Medical Examiner  – [Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler ruled that the manner of death was a homicide but offered no other details in a news release. “Based on our examination of the remains, as well as consideration of supplemental laboratory testing and investigative findings, her cause of death will be listed as unspecified homicidal violence,” Kohler said.Investigators previously stated that the advanced decomposition of the body would make determining a cause difficult. The medical examiner’s office said its ruling was final and that it could not exclude any type of injury as causing Davis’ death.]

Cutts, Ferrell waive right to preliminary hearings

Posted by Metro staff July 02, 2007 13:13PM

Fox News, Studio B – revealed Cutts and Ferrell waived their rights to a preliminary hearing because they didn’t want the evidence to go public.

Bobby Cutts Jr. waived his right to a preliminary hearing today and the case against him will be presented to a Stark County grand jury for felony charges

Canton Municipal Judge Richard Kubilus continued Cutts’ bond, which is set at $5 million.

Authorities believe Cutts, 30, killed his girlfriend, Jessie Davis, 26, on June 14 at her Lake Township home a few miles outside of Canton. Davis was pregnant with a child believed to have been fathered by Cutts.

Cutts and Davis also had a son together.

Cutts’ high school classmate Myisha Ferrell also waived her preliminary hearing today. She was arrested for obstruction of justice. Authorities searched her home in connection with Davis’ disappearance.

A grand jury will consider felony charges against Ferrell as well.

Cutts gave up his right because he doesnt want the evidence made public. 

Bobby Cutts Appears in court – Myisha Ferrall followed

The hearing on Fox News TV at 3:00pm

Bobby Cutts and Myisha Ferrell make their appearance in court today at 3pm

The sister and mother were in the court room on front from about 15 feet from Bobby Cutts as he appeared for his arraignment. Preliminary hearing set for July 2nd at 1:00p.m. with Cutts bond set at $5million. At the preliminary hearing it will then be determined if they have enough evidence to back up charges to hold Cutts and if so does it warrants the $5million bond.

Myisha Ferrell’s preliminary hearing was also set for July 2nd at 2:00pm and her bond was set at $500 thousand. Her attorney asked that Ferrell not be approached by any law enforcement without an attorney present.

At this point the charges are at the State level and not Federal. They still continue to say the case is still under investigation.

During this hearing Patty Porter stood up and looked straight at Cutts and Ferrell as if in defiance. Cutts stared back however Ferrell did not.

After the hearing the mother and sister of Jessie addressed the press and took questions for about 10 minutes. Patty Porter, the mother answered questions concerning her daughter and how the family was doing, etc. She did not answer any questions regarding the case. She held up well, as good as could be, and much better than I ever could have.

Bobby Cutts and Myisha to be arraigned today at 3:00PM – Court Documents Davis killed at home

CANTON, Ohio — Court documents indicates that Bobby Cutts killed Jessie Davis inside her home and that his accomplice gave false statements to the investigators. Both Cutts and Ferrell’s arraignment is scheduled for 3 pm EDT today Monday June 25 at the Canton Municipal Court.

The affidavit describing the allegations against Cutts is for 2 counts of murder, one count for the murder of Jessie Davis and one count of murder of the unborn fetus of 9 months.

Myisha Ferrell was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice – “communicated false information to investigators.”

Breaking news: Bobby Cutts’s friend Myisha Ferrell under arrest-still looking for possible additional suspects


Breaking news from Fox News has reported Myisha Ferrell has been arrested for obstructing justice.  She will be formally charged with tomorrow. 

Police had to break down the door to gain entrance to Myisha’s house to gather the suspected items of evidence.  They removed about eight brown paper evidence bags and several smaller envelope-sized bags from the apartment.  

Bobby Cutts’s high school friend Myisha Ferrell’s house searched for evidence – Update:Medica examiner:Body is so decomposed may be hard to determine cause of death

As of 6/23/07, 5:24 Easten Time
Fox News TV is reporting the following information: 

High school friend, Myisha Ferrell, of Bobby Cutts is now being considered a possible suspect and accomplice. 

1-Police interviewd Myisha earlier in the investigation but released her 

2-Police have now searched Myisha’s house for and have taken items of suspiciou such as a bed sheets, comforter, cleaning supplies, bleach (they found evidence of bleach at Jessie’s house), cell phone records to be analyzed

3-Police now know she suddenly quit her job early Saturday and was last seen leaving her house carrying a broom and dustpan about 20 minutes prior to the police showing up to seach her house. 

Medical examiner has announced positive idenity of Jessie Marie Davis’s body but sadly says the body is so decomposed it may be hard to determine the cause of death.

What keeps running through my mind over and over is how much did this little 2 year old witness.  For his sake, in light of what happened I can only hope that at the worst he may have heard arguing without actually witnessing what actually occurred. 

I will do what I can to keep posting the latest updates regarding this case.