Going once, twice, three times, Oops, not legal – Man offers to sell wife for $50 – CNN.

Said he needed the money.   Hmm, I wonder if $50 is the price for wives in Brazil?  Anyway, this article cracked me up, not only because of someone trying to sell their spouse but at such an outrageous price, NOT! 

If I were his wife, I would be out the door faster than he could say $50 and I wouldn’t bother packing.  How humiliating for her. 

• Brazilian authorities demand removal of Internet advertisement
• Man praised wife but said “I really need the money”
• Not clear if advertisement was a joke, Estado news agency reported

POSTED: 12:29 p.m. EDT,
May 5, 2007  —

The government has ordered an Internet auction site to remove an advertisement in which a Brazilian man offered to sell his wife for about $50.

The Secretariat of Public Policies for Women announced late Friday it had ordered Mercado Livre, partially owned by eBay Inc., to remove the ad and warned it was violating a law banning the offer or sale of “human organs, people, blood, bones or skin.”

The advertisement was no longer visible on the site Saturday.

It was posted by a man who gave his name as Breno and said: “I sell my wife for reasons I prefer to keep short … I really need the money.”

The described his wife physically and listed her qualities as a homemaker and companion. He reportedly said she was 35 and “worth her weight in gold.”

The Estado news agency said it wasn’t clear if the ad was meant as a joke. It said Mercado Livre told it the ad hadn’t been noticed earlier because of the large number of products offered on the site — nearly 1 million.

There was no answer Saturday at phone numbers for Mercado Livre or its public relations agency.

Source: CNN.COM