Bobby Cutts and Myisha to be arraigned today at 3:00PM – Court Documents Davis killed at home

CANTON, Ohio — Court documents indicates that Bobby Cutts killed Jessie Davis inside her home and that his accomplice gave false statements to the investigators. Both Cutts and Ferrell’s arraignment is scheduled for 3 pm EDT today Monday June 25 at the Canton Municipal Court.

The affidavit describing the allegations against Cutts is for 2 counts of murder, one count for the murder of Jessie Davis and one count of murder of the unborn fetus of 9 months.

Myisha Ferrell was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice – “communicated false information to investigators.”


Breaking news: Bobby Cutts’s friend Myisha Ferrell under arrest-still looking for possible additional suspects


Breaking news from Fox News has reported Myisha Ferrell has been arrested for obstructing justice.  She will be formally charged with tomorrow. 

Police had to break down the door to gain entrance to Myisha’s house to gather the suspected items of evidence.  They removed about eight brown paper evidence bags and several smaller envelope-sized bags from the apartment.  

Bobby Cutts’s high school friend Myisha Ferrell’s house searched for evidence – Update:Medica examiner:Body is so decomposed may be hard to determine cause of death

As of 6/23/07, 5:24 Easten Time
Fox News TV is reporting the following information: 

High school friend, Myisha Ferrell, of Bobby Cutts is now being considered a possible suspect and accomplice. 

1-Police interviewd Myisha earlier in the investigation but released her 

2-Police have now searched Myisha’s house for and have taken items of suspiciou such as a bed sheets, comforter, cleaning supplies, bleach (they found evidence of bleach at Jessie’s house), cell phone records to be analyzed

3-Police now know she suddenly quit her job early Saturday and was last seen leaving her house carrying a broom and dustpan about 20 minutes prior to the police showing up to seach her house. 

Medical examiner has announced positive idenity of Jessie Marie Davis’s body but sadly says the body is so decomposed it may be hard to determine the cause of death.

What keeps running through my mind over and over is how much did this little 2 year old witness.  For his sake, in light of what happened I can only hope that at the worst he may have heard arguing without actually witnessing what actually occurred. 

I will do what I can to keep posting the latest updates regarding this case.

Bobby Cutts possibly not the only suspect

Update as of 2:00AM

Watching Fox News TV they reported there is still much that remains a mystery as to what actually happened regarding the death of Jessie Davis.

1-They do say when they searched the house the first time enough evidence was found  that warranted a judge to instruct the police to read Bobby Cutts his Miranda rights when they returned to the house the second time.

2- They indicate the FBI learned of a woman associated with Cutts and interviewed her and it was when learning of this that Cutts supposedly confessed to knowing of her disappearance as well as indicating that what happened was not intentional.

3- It is speculated that Cutts and a female friend both went to Jessie’s house and either that friend or another female friend he met up with helped Cutts dispose of her body.  This all indicates that possibly the first female that was with Cutts was dropped off after they left the house and that’s when Cutts called his other friend.

To rap up what the FBI and police are saying:

There is much more to this case as they are still asking for anyone who knows anything or to please call and they have a tip line set up just for that purpose.  Indicating they are looking for one or more persons who either know or assisted in the murder and disposal of the body.

Bobby Cutts is being held on 2 counts of murder

The following information was given at the 6:00pm press conference I was watching on Fox News. 


1-The Sheriff’s office  announced today at 6:00pm body found and recovered at 3:30PM Eastern time today believed to be that of Jessie Marie Davis is being processed.

2-Bobby Cutts is being held in jail and will appear in court Monday morning when he will be arraigned on 2 counts of murder which includs the unborn child.

3-Police said this is still an ongoing investigation and they will vigorously prosecute this case.

Fox news dispells all rumors that Cutts lead them to the body and that he confessed to the murder.  At this point Fox news says that these are just that, nothing but rumors and have not been confirmed.