9/11 First Responders Excluded from Memorial Cermony

First Responders Snubbed at 10th Memorial Ceremony


When I saw this news topic I couldn’t believe it I thought it had to be a mistake, right, WRONG!!!  Even worse than being a mistake was the REASON they weren’t including the first responders was because there wasn’t enough space.  To me that’s the lamest excuse ever.  The first responders did exactly what they were trained to do without stopping to think of all possible risks/consequences they take being “FIRST RESPONDERS“.  They did their job and in the end lost 300 of their own. 

In a statement, Bloomberg spokesman Andrew Brent said “the commemoration ceremony is for the victim families”

Those invited besides the victims’ families were several politicians, including two presidents.  Politicians, did I read that right, yep I sure did.  My God how in the world could I forget that in our country  POLITICIANS  always comes ahead of everyone else.


Oh yes, no clergy were invited either.  The above is strictly my opinion with the exception of the statements by Bloomberg’s spokesman Andrew Brent shown with quotes…..flagranny2   


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