Breaking News on Caylee Anthony:Medical Examiner: Skeletal Remains Are Missing Child Caylee Anthony’s, Death a Homicide

Friday, December 19, 2008

Breaking News on Caylee Anthony

8_67_cayleewbookA skull and bones found near the Florida home of missing child Caylee Anthony are those of the little girl and she was the victim of a homicide, the medical examiner said Friday.

“With regret, I’m here to inform you that the skeletal remains are those of the missing toddler,” said Dr. Jan Garavaglia.

Garavaglia said the cause of death was ruled a homicide by unknown means, as the manner was not clear from the forensic analysis she was able to do.

Garavaglia said she determined the bones found in a privately-owned wooded lot were 2-year-old Caylee’s through nuclear DNA analysis.

“They are not intact. They are all disarticulated. They are completely skeletonized,” the medical examiner said. She said some of the bones found were “tiny.”

Click here for photos.

The news caps a six-month-long search for the little girl — who was last seen in mid-June but wasn’t reported missing by her mother until a month later. The mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, is behind bars without bond and charged with her daughter’s murder.

The child’s next of kin, including her maternal grandparents George and Cindy Anthony; Casey Anthony and other relatives, have been notified of the findings, Garavaglia said.

Ahead of the announcement, Florida police released evidence photos from the Caylee Anthony crime scene, among them one of a book they say they found in the woods that the child had been photographed reading before she vanished.

The pictures were among several cops publicized before the afternoon news briefing.

The book is among numerous pieces of evidence Orange County Sheriff’s deputies say they found in the wooded area where Caylee’s remains turned up.


One Response to “Breaking News on Caylee Anthony:Medical Examiner: Skeletal Remains Are Missing Child Caylee Anthony’s, Death a Homicide”

  1. flagranny2 Says:

    I am still reeling over the verdict. The question that bothers me is “did this jury feel if they found her guilty she would without a doubt be sentenced to death without any plea bargaining”? Yes the state went for the death penalty but how often is the death penalty carried out? That’s where the penalty phase of the trial comes in and the defense would appeal and ask for a lesser charge such as 30 years to life, 15 years +, etc so many other options. I think this jury used a one way street with a dead end. I do believe that in order to serve on a jury you should at least have a high school diploma or equivalent and should be free of any convictions (one juror was convicted with DUI and one with a domestic charge. They didn’t ask to see any evidence and rarely took notes. So ok, toss out the scientific stuff and go with common sense…..child not reported missing, no record of 911 due to possible drowning, look at video taped conversations and one in particularly where Casey says she felt Caylee was close by. If the jury had only asked to review ANY of the evidence, ANY transcripts ANYTHING at all and after reviewing came up with the not guilty verdict I think it may have made a difference but one had a cruise trip planned and would have lost money plus if they had said guilty they would have had to be sequestered longer and I feel they were just tired, wanted to get home and deliberated what they felt long enough to make it look like they did something before coming up with the verdict. Obviously this is my own opinion and I honestly watched the trial with an open mind and did not make any judgment one way or the other until all was said and done.. It is obvious that this family is definitely dysfunctional and found it really strange when brother Lee began crying and sobbing because he said they didn’t include him in anything regarding the pregnancy and was told to leave it alone. Poor thing he was really upset and other than that didn’t cry or show any emotion on anything else. I could go on and on as to how I feel but all is said and done and I know Caylee is safe from any more harm and there will be justice in the end by a higher power.

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