UPDATE:Caylee Anthony

Friday December 11:08PM
Source: Fox News

“Investigators comb the scene where the skeletal remains of a small child were found near the home of Caylee Anthony’s family.” Defense Team for Caylee Anthony’s Mother Says Skeletal Remains Likely Are Missing Girl’s

8_65_121108_usphotos7The defense team for the mother of missing Florida girl Caylee Anthony said the sheriff’s office is confident that skeletal remains found are those of the child, but it an official ruling isn’t expected anytime soon.

“The remains are consistent with those of a 2- to 3-year-old child,” Orange County Capt. Angelo Nieves told FOXNews.com. “We have not provided any confirmation that it is the Caylee child. … We’re not going to go and jump the gun, if you will, rush in order to make an identification without the medical examiner’s office.”

Nieves said the forensic test results wouldn’t be ready for a week to two weeks.

Linda Kenney Baden, part of 22-year-old Casey Anthony’s defense team, said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office called them to say they believe the bones discovered in a wooded area near the Anthony home belong to Caylee because of the color of the hair and the appearance of the skull.

But police declined to confirm Baden’s statements, saying only that the remains are consistent with those of a young child and there isn’t enough information yet to positively identify the body as Caylee’s.

Click here for photos.

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