LISA STEBIC UPDATE:Family makes plea for kids

Court to consider visitation request

January 15, 2008

Article Source-NapervilleSun:suburbanchicagonews

JOLIET — On Valentine’s Day, a Will County judge could consider a request for visitation with Lisa Stebic’s children.The missing mom’s parents and grandparents, Lawrence and Judith Ruttenberg and Milton and Charlotte Ruttenberg, say Lisa’s husband, Craig Stebic, has prohibited them from contacting his and Lisa’s two children.

Stebic’s attorney Dion Davi said Stebic has offered visits with his kids, ages 11 and 12, to the Ruttenberg family but got no response.

In November, the Ruttenbergs filed a petition in Will County Circuit Court seeking visitation rights. The lawyers involved met Monday, but no visitation decisions were made. A Feb. 14 date was set to meet again.

State gives rights
Illinois law states that a grandparent, great-grandparent or adult sibling of a minor child can file a petition for visitation rights if visitation has been unreasonably denied by a parent, and if the other parent has been missing for at least three months.[Full story]

2 Responses to “LISA STEBIC UPDATE:Family makes plea for kids”

  1. nunoftheabove Says:

    My heart breaks for the grandparents and the children. As a grandmother also being denied visitation with grandchildren, no one can imagine the pain unless they go through it.

  2. flagranny2 Says:

    I can only imagine the heartache as I don’t know what I would do if I were unable to see my granddaughters.

    I’m so sorry you are having to go through the denial. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and let’s hope that things will change. Never give up hope.

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