Breaking News-‘Newhart’ Actress Suzanne Pleshette Dies at 70

Sunday, January 20, 2008

LOS ANGELES — Suzanne Pleshette, the beautiful, husky-voiced film and Broadway theater star best known for her role as Bob Newhart’s sardonic wife on television’s long-running “The Bob Newhart Show,” has died, said her attorney Robert Finkelstein. She was 70.

Pleshette, who underwent chemotherapy for lung cancer in 2006, died of respiratory failure Saturday evening at her Los Angeles home, said attorney and family friend Robert Finkelstein. She was 70.  She was born on January 31, 1937 in New York City, New York

“The Bob Newhart Show, a hit throughout its six-year run, starred comedian Newhart as a Chicago psychiatrist surrounded by eccentric patients. Pleshette provided the voice of reason.

For info on Pleshette’s background on her film history see [Susan Pleshette]                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

8 Responses to “Breaking News-‘Newhart’ Actress Suzanne Pleshette Dies at 70”

  1.   Breaking News-’Newhart’ Actress Suzanne Pleshette Dies at 70 by Says:

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  2. nearlynormalized Says:

    She was a treasure, besides Newhart, I thought she was distinctive in that small but important role in Hitchcocks, “The Birds”. She was not a weak character, she will be missed.

  3. beccar Says:

    Hello, I always liked and admired Suzanne Pleshette. She was great. Eugenia Renskoff

  4. flagranny2 Says:

    She definitely had a distinct voice that was unique only to her. Whatever show she was in whether it was a weekly or cameo parts in other shows she was always an asset. BTW, thanks for noting “The Birds” as I missed that one. In viewing her film history I didn’t realize she had so many credits to her name. She definitely will be missed.

  5. frmad Says:

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  6. i am the son Says:

    When I was a kid, she was one of the few actresses I genuinely had a crush on.

    There was something about her that appealed to me. Later on, at least on the Bob Newhart show, she appeared to age gracefully and with dignity.

    May she enjoy her new paradise.

  7. kimmy2times Says:

    She was in one of my favorite movies from childhood – The Shaggy D.A. May she rest in peace.

  8. reenuh Says:

    Noooo! They had a reunion not too long ago. So sad to hear about this.

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