UPDATE-Stacy Peterson:FBI To Join Search For Stacy Peterson

updated 6:13 p.m. ET,Sun., Nov. 25, 2007

A Mysterious Letter? 
Peterson claims he received an unsigned letter describing a supermarket sighting of his missing wife……

The following info is taken from the main site at MSNBC

JOLIET, Ill. – The FBI will join the search for Stacy Peterson on Monday.

Charles Pelkie, a spokesman for the Will County state’s attorney, said the FBI’s involvement makes it possible for the U.S. Navy to provide technical assistance in water searches.

The Illinois State Police remains the lead agency in the investigation. Pelkie says the state police will brief FBI investigators on Monday. It has been four weeks since 23-year-old wife of former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson vanished. Authorities have said they believe the 2004 death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, was a homicide staged to look like an accidental drowning. Peterson has not been called a suspect in Savio’s death, but authorities have said they suspect him in Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

Peterson appears on the latest issue of People Magazine with the headline, ‘Did He Kill Two Wives’? Inside, Peterson said his wives disappointed him and said he is preparing to be arrested.

Peterson also appears on the cover of Friday’s Sun-Times, which reported a neighbor saw Peterson and a second man load a large blue barrel into his SUV hours after his wife, Stacy, was last seen alive.

That SUV is in police custody.

A Mysterious Letter?

Peterson claims he received an unsigned letter describing a supermarket sighting of his missing wife and has turned it over to investigators, according to his attorney Joel Brodsky. But a close friend of Stacy Peterson’s family said she doubts the letter is a legitimate tip.

Drew Peterson received the letter Wednesday, and didn’t open it until Thursday, the attorney said. Peterson, who has been named a suspect by authorities investigating his 23-year-old wife’s disappearance, immediately called the Illinois State Police and his attorneys to notify them, Brodsky said.

Brodsky released a written statement on Thursday describing the letter Drew Peterson said he received. It carried a Peoria, Ill., postmark and was dated Nov. 19. It detailed an encounter the writer had with Stacy Peterson on Nov. 12 at a Kroger grocery store, the attorney said in the statement.  [to continue click on MSNBC above]

Possible Policy Violations Put Peterson’s Pension In Jeopardy

Peterson’s pension is in jeopardy after investigators discovered several crimes unrelated to the disappearance of the 53-year-old’s young wife and mysterious drowning of his third wife, according to a report in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune.

Illinois State Police Captain Carl Dobrich told the Tribune 64 officers are now assigned full-time to investigate the disappearance of Stacy Peterson and the death of third wife Kathleen Savio.

Dobrich said in the course of the investigation, detectives discovered evidence Peterson might have violated Bolingbrook Police Department policies.  [to continue click on MSNBC above]

Stacy’s ‘Friend’ Comes Forward

Rossetto told reporters after his testimony that he and the now-missing woman exchanged racy text messages that could have been misinterpreted …….   [to continue click on MSNBC above]

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