Michael Vick Speaks About Dogfighting Guilty Plea

Monday, August 27, 2007

RICHMOND, Va – Vick, made his appearance in court today and as expected pleaded guilty.  As he stood before Judge Hudson he citied what I would call the normal scripted apology with the exception of adding his own ignorant remarks. 

  1. Stating his actions were inmature and he needed to grow up [how ignorant is that statement?  What actions would he have done if he felt he was mature?  He made it sound like dog fighting was a childish game, how thought provoking is that as a role model….fg2]

  2. Stating dog fighting is a terrible thing [stating dog fighting is a terrible thing but has yet to admit that it is cruel and  inhumane and unconscionable but bless his heart he didn’t participate in the gambling and betting so does that mean he feels that justifies his actions in helping to kill the dogs that were not fit for fighting….fg2] 

Vick also repeatedly apologized to his young football fans, saying his behavior was “immature.”

“I apologize to the young kids for my immature acts,” Vick said. “What I did was immature and I need to grow up,” he said.

Asking for “forgiveness and understanding,” Vick said he would “turn my life over to God. That’s the right thing to do right now.”

“Dogfighting is a terrible thing and I reject it,” he said. [and the only reason he has made these statements is because he was caught, not because he knew or felt it was wrong to begin with……. at this point I am siging off any further posts regarding Michael Vick. I think everything that can be said has been said and his sentence isn’t until December.  I realize there will be ongoing events regarding his career, his salary, etc but that would entail daily posts which at this point would be ludicrous….. flagranny2]

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3 Responses to “Michael Vick Speaks About Dogfighting Guilty Plea”

  1. Mitsu Says:

    This is just utterly disgusting! That someone could treat innocent animals this way! In the paper today, it said that he had killed up to 8 dogs, because they didn’t perform well…come on now! He should get a longer sentence than just 18 months! People spend more time than that in jail for less serious offenses! I even find that 5 years is not enough, these dogs are living beings, they have the right to a long and happy life, and he infringed upon that!

  2. tsos20 Says:

    I thought his apology was a small first step. Next, he will do his time. After that, he can help animals that are unfortunate and gradually regain some respect. The more animals he helps, after his sentence is served, the more I would be willing to forgive him.
    The Sultan on Sports


  3. flagranny2 Says:

    I totally agree, I can’t even think of how anyone could deliberatly kill any animal simply because they felt they didn’t measure up to the standards they expected. The 18 months is what they are asking for however the judge in this case is known to give longer sentences than the minimum and he reminded Vick if he realized that he would have to live with whatever sentence he ruled on and to face the fact that it could be much longer than the 12-18 months. What bothers me even more is the fact that Vick didn’t acknowledge that it was wrong, only that he acted inmature and needed to grow up. Does this mean had he thought about it he would have gone about it in a different way to make sure his backside was totally covered. He didn’t state that his actions were those of cruelty to animals. He will face Judge Hudson in December for his sentence so it will be interesting to see how he will rule.

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