STEBIC UPDATE:Exactly 3 Months Ago Lisa Stebic Disappeared, Family Wants Closure

(CBS) PLAINFIELD, Ill  — Exactly three months ago, April 30, 2007, Lisa Stebic a mother-of-two left home and never returned.

[..My words – Isn’t it strange that the police are wanting to talk again to the children but Craig Stebic’s attorney has denied permission.  I’m sure it would be hard for the children but it has now been 3 months and as upset as I’m sure they are I would think they would be stable enough to talk to the authorities especially if could mean it would help them find their mother or help them find out what happened rather than to leave them left wondering.  This leaves me thinking it is obvious the children know information that would incriminate Craig Stebic who is already now considered a “person of suspect”…… flagranny2]

Her family continues to press-on for answers.

The family of Lisa Stebic is erecting the billboards on Interstate 55 near State Route 30 and Canton Farm Road in the far southwest suburb. They hope the billboards will raise more attention about the case.

The billboard space has been donated by CBS Outdoor, the billboard division of CBS. [Full Story and related articles]


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