BREAKING NEWS:Missing Alabama Minister’s Wife Found Working at Fast-Food Restaurant in New York

Monday, July 30, 2007
By Sara Bonisteel

The wife of an Alabama minister missing for more than four months has been located by police unharmed and working under an alias at a fast-food restaurant in New York state, authorities said Monday.

Louisiana police located Mary Byrne Smith alive and well in New York state on Friday. The 30-year-old kindergarten teacher had been working under an assumed name at a fast-food restaurant.

“We know it’s her,” Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen said at a press conference Monday. “She did not want us to disclose the reasons why she left, and she did not want us to disclose where she is living.”

She does not face criminal charges, Halphen said. 

“People have their reasons for wanting to start a new life and that was her choosing,” Halphen said. “And again, we encouraged her very, very hard to contact her family and at least talk with her children and we believe that she at will.”

Police were able to trace Smith to New York after the Alabama Department of Education notified authorities that she had applied for a copy of her teaching certificate. She knew detectives were looking for her and expressed remorse, authorities said.   [Full Story]


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