Lisa Stebic:9-week search for Plainfield mom shifts to state park today

July 7, 2007
BY DAN ROZEK Staff Reporter

Police and volunteers are conducting a massive sweep today through the 1,350-acre Silver Springs State Park near Yorkville to look for the 38-year-old Stebic, who vanished from her home on April 30.

Three searches in Plainfield haven’t turned up any sign of Stebic, a mother of two young children whose estranged husband told police he last saw her leaving the home the family still shared.

Plainfield Police and the Plainfield Emergency Management Agency are leading the search, which is targeting the sprawling state park because Stebic and her family had visited there before.

“It’s a place the family went to frequently,” Plainfield Deputy Police Chief Mark Eiting said.

But investigators — and Stebic’s relatives — are hoping for lots of help from volunteers to thoroughly check the park, which sprawls along the Fox River and includes thick forest and open grasslands.

“It’s going to take a lot of people to find someone there,” said Leigh Harris, a family friend who is helping coordinate search efforts. “If she’s out there, we hope someone stumbles across some hint of her.”

Nearly 50 people have signed up on the family’s Web site, FindLisa, to volunteer for the search. But Harris expects more volunteers to turn out this morning for the daylong sweep.

Volunteers wanting to take part in the search must assemble by 9 a.m. today at the Kendall County Fairgrounds near Yorkville for a safety briefing, police said.

Investigators have released few details about her disappearance, though family members — who have posted a reward of more than $60,000 — said she wouldn’t have voluntarily left her children.


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