Kelly Nolan – Missing Student Was Dealing With Issues Prior To Disappearance

UPDATED: 12:13 pm CDT July 6, 2007

MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student missing for two weeks has been dealing with the recent deaths of her father and stepmother.

April Nolan is the sister of Kelly Nolan, 22, who vanished on June 23 when she became separated from friends after hitting some bars on State Street in downtown Madison.

April Nolan said that her and her sister’s stepmother died in May and their father died last year.

Kelly Nolan graduated from Waunakee High School and is described as a good student with a pleasant personality, who played sports and was fun-loving and creative.

But, Nolan also had her troubles. She was convicted of drunken driving twice in the last three years. Her driver’s license had been suspended, and she served 14 days in the Walworth County Jail after her second drunken driving offense.

Nolan planned to work in Madison for the summer. She worked at the Orpheum Lobby Restaurant on State Street for about a week in June, but she was apparently fired the Wednesday before she disappeared. The owner said that she didn’t have enough experience for the job.

Earlier this week, her family announced an unspecified reward for information regarding her disappearance.

Nolan is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair. Her sister said that on Saturday night, Kelly Nolan was wearing a green, sleeveless top with a scoop neck, a light pair of jeans and sandals with a heel and was carrying a slate gray purse.

Family and friends spent the Fourth of July holiday passing out fliers at Elver Park as part of their ongoing effort to get the word out about the missing 22-year-old, WISC-TV reported.

Nolan’s family and police are continuing to urge people to phone in tips to Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.


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