Cutts, Ferrell waive right to preliminary hearings

Posted by Metro staff July 02, 2007 13:13PM

Fox News, Studio B – revealed Cutts and Ferrell waived their rights to a preliminary hearing because they didn’t want the evidence to go public.

Bobby Cutts Jr. waived his right to a preliminary hearing today and the case against him will be presented to a Stark County grand jury for felony charges

Canton Municipal Judge Richard Kubilus continued Cutts’ bond, which is set at $5 million.

Authorities believe Cutts, 30, killed his girlfriend, Jessie Davis, 26, on June 14 at her Lake Township home a few miles outside of Canton. Davis was pregnant with a child believed to have been fathered by Cutts.

Cutts and Davis also had a son together.

Cutts’ high school classmate Myisha Ferrell also waived her preliminary hearing today. She was arrested for obstruction of justice. Authorities searched her home in connection with Davis’ disappearance.

A grand jury will consider felony charges against Ferrell as well.

Cutts gave up his right because he doesnt want the evidence made public. 


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