Paris – (cat)walks out to freedom

I swore I wouldn’t post another thing about Paris but here I am.  I thought I’d at least post to get her out of the slammer so here goes. 

The time was 12:15  as Paris walked out to freedom.  She walked out seemingly shy but with a ever so slightly cat walk style and smiling that ever popular smile.  She did the slight waving to the crowd even quickly high-fived some bystanders hands just before getting in the car.  She obviously was enjoying the press and in her own way, at least in my eyes, playing the press. 

The Paris that walked out seemed to be the same Paris that walked in.  Here I was disappointed after hearing all about how she had changed, how she had found God in jail I was sure she would be walking out with bible in hand and held close to her heart.  Alas, maybe too soon. 

Mamma and Pappa Hilton were waiting in a Black Escalade, chauffeured of course, and mamma was holding a bouquest of red and white roses.   Once Paris got in the car and they were able to drive away, they were followed and surrounded by papperazzi driving dangerously close flashing snap shots as fast as they could from all directions.  I honestly don’t see how the driver kept from being blinded from all the flashes.  As they would come to an intersection and have to stop, the papperazzi would jump out of the cars and surround their SUV.  They followed them until they finally ended up at the Hilton Mansion, that would be grandma and grandpa’s place where a big welcome home party was planned.

It escapes me as to why so much publicity surrounds someone who has contributed absolutely nothing to society except being born into wealth and being fairly attractive.  Her claim to fame is “party girl” and obviously doesn’t or didn’t have time to read petty things like citations thus leading her up to her 23 days in jail without her blackberry and a mirror. 

I don’t blame her really or her sister, I blame her parents.  How could a parent be so ignorant as to let their daughter do absolutely nothing but party, party and party and be so proud of it.  Yet, between the public and the media Paris did nothing wrong but give them what they wanted. 

I sincerely hope that Paris means what she says about having had time to think and has changed.  Only time will tell.  I’d love to see her utilize her position in helping others in some way, whatever way she feels she could contribute the most.  I think she has a lot to offer if she uses her talent and her status for the right purpose.

To Paris, I wish her nothing but the best and hope she can make good choices from here on out and to her parents, I hope they realize their parenting skills needs fine tuning. 

And so ends my posts on Paris…….

One Response to “Paris – (cat)walks out to freedom”

  1. Anna Domini Says:

    Yes, her mother and father are puzzling.

    Oh, and thanks for leaving a comment on my bloggie!

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