Bobby Cutts Appears in court – Myisha Ferrall followed

The hearing on Fox News TV at 3:00pm

Bobby Cutts and Myisha Ferrell make their appearance in court today at 3pm

The sister and mother were in the court room on front from about 15 feet from Bobby Cutts as he appeared for his arraignment. Preliminary hearing set for July 2nd at 1:00p.m. with Cutts bond set at $5million. At the preliminary hearing it will then be determined if they have enough evidence to back up charges to hold Cutts and if so does it warrants the $5million bond.

Myisha Ferrell’s preliminary hearing was also set for July 2nd at 2:00pm and her bond was set at $500 thousand. Her attorney asked that Ferrell not be approached by any law enforcement without an attorney present.

At this point the charges are at the State level and not Federal. They still continue to say the case is still under investigation.

During this hearing Patty Porter stood up and looked straight at Cutts and Ferrell as if in defiance. Cutts stared back however Ferrell did not.

After the hearing the mother and sister of Jessie addressed the press and took questions for about 10 minutes. Patty Porter, the mother answered questions concerning her daughter and how the family was doing, etc. She did not answer any questions regarding the case. She held up well, as good as could be, and much better than I ever could have.


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