Updated highlights of missing Jessie Marie Davis-Cadaver dogs help in the search

A list of the latest updates, not necessarily in order of events,  given by the news media as of 5:08PM EDT, 6/21/07. 

You can read the whole story here.

1Cadaver dogs have uncovered a scent on a fresh mound of dirt in a waste area at Highland Park results that is now being investigated

2- Cell phone records of Davis are still be in the hands of the police for review

3- The police have now searched Cutt’s house 3 times,  his car, and have taken several boxes from his house.  Even though he has been read his Miranda rights they are still saying he is NOT considered a suspect.

4- The second search of Cutt’s was done with the a court ordered search warrant – with the reason of probable cause of  aggravated murder and kidnapping.  This was the first time the word “murder” has been associated with the case

5- Bobby Cutts is the father of Jessie’s 2 year old son Blake

6- Cutts’s wife Kelly (they aren’t divorced) speaks out saying she knew about Jessie, says Cutts was very consciencious regarding his kids, including his son he had with Jessie.

7- Cutts was not working the day Jessie disappeared even though that day would normally be one of his scheduled days to work

8- DNA being tested on newborn baby left on woman’s porch

9- Texas EquuSearch team an internationally active search team bringing their sonar equipment has joined in the search


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