New Search Effort Under Way for Missing Pregnant Ohio Mom Jessie Davis

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New strategy planned as the search continues for Jessie

UNIONTOWN, Ohio —  A new search effort for the 9-months-pregnant Ohio mom who vanished last week got under way Thursday, with at least 1,000 people — some of them total strangers to the family of Jessie Davis — participating.

The volunteers formed a line about two football fields long before they began combing Davis’ neighborhood for clues to her whereabouts.
“We just really need to find her,” her younger sister Whitney Davis told FOX News on Thursday. “I feel very anxious. The first search we did was nerve-wracking. I hope we find some kind of lead or some kind of clue.”
Texas EquuSearch, an internationally active search team, brought in sonar equipment to northeast Ohio to check ponds and a remote-control airplane equipped with a camera to look for any sign of 26-year-old Davis.

“They’re going to help us find Jessie, hopefully, bring her back safe,” The Associated Press quoted Whitney as saying.

Some of the more than 1,000 volunteers waiting for the search to start brought their dogs or children. Many sipped donated bottles of water, and one man had a hiking stick. People continued to join the line along a sidewalk to sign up at a fire station to help.

“I think every single rock will be turned over on this search,” said organizer Tim Miller, who runs the internationally active search team Texas EquuSearch.

Miller had expected about 200 volunteers Thursday and said he was a bit overwhelmed by the turnout. His team also brought in sonar equipment to check ponds and a remote-control airplane equipped with a camera to look for any sign of Davis.

Whitney Davis wore a T-shirt with her sister’s picture and the word “Missing” in red letters.

“She’s my sister and it’s breaking my heart that we don’t know where she is,” she told FOX.

Lisa Hoffman, who works for EquuSearch and has been involved in many searches, said she had never seen such a large turnout.

“It’s crazy. This is a high-profile case,” she said.


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