Police Subpoena Cell-Phone Records of Missing Pregnant Woman (“Mommy broke the table, and Mommy’s in the rug.”)

Monday, June 18, 2007
By Sara Bonisteel
Fox News

Ohio police subpoenaed the cell-phone records of a missing pregnant woman and her married boyfriend Monday as they tried to determine what happened to 26-year-old Jessie Marie Davis

Searchers canvassed the area near the woman’s North Canton, Ohio, home Sunday afternoon for the nine-months pregnant woman, last heard from on Wednesday. Stark County Sheriff’s Department officials plan to hold a 2 p.m. EDT news conference Monday about the case; an investigator cancelled an appearance on FOX News Monday morning citing an emergency. Davis’ mother, Patty Porter, tearfully asked searchers to look for her daughter as if she were one of their own.“I want them to know it could have been them or their daughter,” Porter said. “I want them to look with that intensity.”

“I said … ‘Where’s Mommy?'” Porter said. “And he just said, ‘Mommy broke the table, and Mommy’s the rug.'”

Davis’ house showed no sign of forced entry, but her cell phone, comforter and sheets were missing from the residence, Stark County Sheriff Tim Swanson said. Her purse and vehicle were found at the home.

“The mattress was partially off the bed and the nightstand was knocked over and the lamp was knocked over and somebody had poured bleach all over the floor,” Porter said.

The woman’s sister, Jane Davis, told FOX News on Sunday it appeared her sister had been missing for a day to a day and a half before her mother discovered the 2-year-old.

“He was her whole world. She wouldn’t even shut the bathroom door with him out there, let alone walk outside,” Porter said. “She would never leave him. The only way that he was left was if something happened.”

The father of Jessie Marie Davis’ toddler and unborn child is Bobby Cutts Jr., a Canton, Ohio, police officer.

Both Cutts and his wife, from whom he separated in February, have been questioned and are not suspects, they said.

“At this point he’s doing everything he needs to do to cooperate with police to help us find her,” Davis told FOX News.

Authorities have canvassed Davis’ neighborhood several times and used a canine unit to try and pick up her scent.

“It’s a nice neighborhood. It’s a quiet area,” Jane Davis said. “It’s a safe place to have a family, and no one saw anything.”

Jessie Marie Davis
– White female
– 9 months pregnant
– 26 years old
– 5 feet 4, 135 pounds
– Brown hair with blonde highlights
– Hazel eyes

Anyone with information regarding the well being and whereabouts of Davis are asked to contact the Stark County Sheriff’s Office at (330) 430-3684.


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