Paris Hilton Prepares for the clinker (or one might say “The Less than Simple Life”

A collection of posts from “The Paris Hilton category in the TMZ Zone”

Paris the Patriot

Posted May 29th 2007 11:41AM by TMZ Staff

Everyone appreciates a good barbecue — even more when it’s Paris Hilton heatin’ up the hotdogs!

The sullied socialite had her closest friends over to her pad for a Memorial Day BBQ yesterday, with guests ranging from “Simple Life” co-star and on-again BFF Nicole Richie, to MTV VJ turned D-Lister Simon Rex.

Paris was quiet around cameras when she appeared at her front door for an American flag-hanging photo op, though Rex told photogs the jail-bound blonde is “doing good.”

Other guests included Paris’ sis Nicky, Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis, Keisha Cole, director Brett Ratner and Elisha Cuthbert.

Paris Gets “Happy Feet”

Posted May 24th 2007 11:11AM by TMZ Staff

What does a convicted socialite do to cheer herself up when she’s got only a dozen days to go before she’s wearing fashionable prison stripes? She rents “Happy Feet.”

Paris, dressed in prison jeans and a butch polo shirt, grabbed her Louis Vuitton satchel and sauntered into a Blockbuster in WeHo, perused the comedy aisles, and settled on the penguin toon and “Charlotte’s Web” to give her some pre-jail jollies.

Miss Hilton also bought an ice cream cone, wisely substituting licking for liquor as she walked back to her infamous car. The heiress is scheduled to go directly to jail on June 5.

Paris Runs For Cover in Prison

While we’re told the blankees are a hit with children of celebs like Tori Spelling and Gwen Stefani, Paris will be the first incarcerated A-lister (?) to cuddle with the $66 security blanket. That’s hot!

Holy S**t! Paris Turns to Religion?!

Posted May 22nd 2007 9:51AM by TMZ Staff

Hallelujah brothers and sisters! Paris Hilton has cometh over to the light! Can you feel Jesus knockin’?! Let him in!!!

With her jail term only two weeks away, Ms. Hilton is pulling out the big guns to prepare for her stint in the pokey, carrying the Bible and “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” as she left her home yesterday.

Say goodbye to the sinner — and hello to the winner!


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