Humorus but True News Blips

It doesn’t pay to drink and mow

Man spends nights in Illinois jail for ‘mowing while drinking’

WLS ABC7Chicago.comMay 25, 2007 – A downstate Illinois man spent two nights in jail after riding his lawnmower while drinking.
Robert Wendt rode his lawnmower to a convenience store to get gas and a six pack of beer. On his way home, Caseyville police stopped him. They say he was driving on the wrong side of the road and appeared to be intoxicated.

Because he had a prior conviction for driving under the influence, Wendt went to jail. When he was released, he got a ticket for not mowing his lawn.

Underwear theft


May 24, 2007 (FORT COLLINS, Colo.) – Just the facts ma’am — are those your panties?

Police in Fort Collins, Colorado, are inviting women to identify their missing unmentionables. Police have about 13-hundred pieces of women’s underwear, believed to have been stolen from laundry rooms near the Colorado State University campus.Officers have busted a 43-year-old man (Chih Hsien Wu) on suspicion of felony theft in the case of the purloined panties. Police have now posted pictures of the stolen panties, sports bras, stretch pants and panty hose online. Officers are hoping to identify the victims of the thefts.

Robber asks bank teller to call police on him


May 25, 2007 (STEPHENVILLE, Texas) – Accused bank robber Philip Stuart Martin had an unusual request for a teller: call the cops. Police in Stephenville, Texas, say Martin apparently had second thoughts after demanding money from a bank teller.

He asked the bank employee to call police and said he would be waiting outside. That’s where officers found Martin.

He’s now being held on 30-thousand dollars bond, charged with robbery. And the police are trying to figure why he did it. They say he was cooperative, didn’t have a weapon and appeared to be sober.

Baby gets firearm ID card


– A Chicago father is questioning how his 10-month-old son got a firearm owner’s ID card – complete with the infant’s photo.

Howard David Ludwig – known by his family as “Bubba” – received the card after his grandfather decided to get an heirloom for the baby– a shotgun.

Bubba’s dad logged onto the Illinois State Police website and applied for a firearm owner’s ID card. Police sent the card back, picture and all.

Illinois State Police say there are no age restrictions on the card.


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