Media – Cho – Iraq – Gastroparesis

Again I’m striking out at the media and for now this will be my last post on this but something I just have to get off my chest.

You may wonder what Cho, Iraq and Gastroparesis have to do with each other so let’s find out.

1.  Do you know who Cho is?  How much times does the news media allow for Cho?
2. Do you know the names of those serving in Iraq?  Again, How much time does the media allow for reports of the men serving and the names.
3. Do you know what the health condition called “Gastroparesis” is?  Have you heard the media talk about it?

We all know the answer to number 1 due to the recent Virginia Tech killings as we have been saturated with every bit of information about Cho that the media can possibly “dig” up and I do mean dig.  I think whatever information they find should be indeed turned over to the authorities but I don’t think that information is something that needs to be divulged to the public.  Am I sitting here wanting to know Cho’s background and what his motives could have been or if he had a mental condition and where he bought his guns, and where on campus he lived.  Absolutely not!!  My concern is for the victims and their families and if the media had an ounce of deceny and respect for the familes they would realize that too.  But we know it is who can get the information, any information, to the public first so they can say “you heard it hear first” or “you saw it here first”. 

The answer to number 2 is pretty obvious.  The media spends about 1 to 2 1/2 minutes on “The war in Iraq” update and that is it.  So unless it is someone of prominence that has been injured or killed we hear of no names. 

Then we come to number 3.  I can tell you that without any doubt, you have never heard the word Gastroparesis mentioned by the media yet this is a health condition that strikes 5 millions Americans, 1 out of every 5 and no one has heard of it unless they are diagnosed with it.  Then they try and find some kind of support and with no place to turn so they turn to the internet for online support.  This condition, if you haven’t already read my page about it, paralyzes one’s stomach and they are unable to digest their food and can lead to living by getting their nutritional needs via tube feedings for the rest of their life. 

What I’m getting at, I think you can tell by now, is the media over reports the wrong news and under reports the important news.  One day of information about Seung-Hui Cho was enough.  Anything after that was not of interest to me at least, and I’m sure to many others.  Get on with “the news“, spend more time of the news segments about our troops, after all they are over in Iraq fighting against people who have no regard for life.  They are getting paid far less that what they deserve for putting their life on the line while our “boys on the hill” sit on their ass and get paid the big bucks, taking all the time they want to vote on a bill and then take their vacation without having voted and we are paying them. 

I guess I’ve rambled on and maybe not making sense or putting my thoughts together as well as I wanted to but when it comes to the media I will never get over the way the prioritize their news.  I know its the fact that I’m not facing the truth that they are reporting what they think the majority of the public want to hear and see.  If that’s the case, then do we have our priorities in order?

Ok, I’m through venting and my chest feels a lot better.  I’ll get off my ‘rantbox” but not without promising to not get on it again.


3 Responses to “Media – Cho – Iraq – Gastroparesis”

  1. Carol Says:


    Have you been diagnosed w/gastroparesis? There is a fine support group online for folks w/gut issues, .. the site is populated by many folks with Crohn’s as well as ulcerated colitis, and other “gut” diseases.

    Hope this gives you a little venting room & a place to go w/serious “gut” problems.

    Best wishes,

  2. flagranny2 Says:

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks so much for your kind wishes although I am fortunate to say I do not have Gastroparesis but I am involved with an online support group for gastroparesis as well as a nonprofit organization called G-PACT at We do have members who suffer from Crohn’s disease as well as if GP isn’t enough.

    I became involved when a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with this condition and neither of us had heard of this condition and so I started researching to see how I could support her.

    That was 6 years ago and I have a strong conviction of trying help and promote the awareness of this condition that, believe it or not, many in the medical field including doctors are not familiar with it nor do they have the knowledge of how for treatment.

    Anyway, thanks for noticing and your concern.

  3. magpye Says:

    I was diagnosed last summer, and so frustrated! I would go to my doctor for help and she’d sit there and look up the same websites I’d already been to. You’re right, nobody knows anything about this disorder, I finally found a good GI specialist who has helped. And the most effective drug isn’t even approved by the FDA, so you have to go out of country to get it, which makes it costly… grr! Thanks for putting the word out there and helping promote awareness!

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