The Media – do they aid and abet criminals?

With what happened at Virginia Tech leaves our nation not only in shock but with a wakeup call that we aren’t as safe as we think we are whether we are a student, a mall shopper, a spectator at an event or a passenger on an airplane or bus. 

And we ask why?  Who is to blame?  I feel that can be answered in two words: The Media.  Listening to the news tonight on NBC they reported that since the horrible crime at Virginia Tech there have been 28 scare tactics that followed.  One being they were going to do better and exceed the total that was accomplished at Va Tech.  And get this, in the same breath without missing a beat he, Brian Williams, said it was all due to seeking publicity.  Gee, I wonder where they got that idea.

HELLO MEDIA, have a look in the mirror and you will have an answer.  If you weren’t so damn anxious to be the first to get news on the air regardless of what it is, regardless of how graphic the details you report and how much of the news is spent highlighting the person who did the crime that possibly it might cut down on these wannabee publicity seekers. 

Being a parent myself I can think of nothing worse than seeing the media go into so much detail about the criminal as to why, how, what type of weapon  they used, where they purchased it let alone showing videos that the criminal took for all to see.  Then start badgering the college officials as if there was something they could have done or signs they saw from his behavior that could have prevented him from doing what he did. 

Does all that matter?  Is it going to change the fact that there were 33 lives lost? Is that going to help the grieving families and friends left behind to know all about the one who did this hanieous crime?  I think the answer is obvious. 

This is information that the public can and should be spared.  Not in this case but in some where a bomb was involved, they have shown how it was made, the materials used to make it and the website where one can get the information on how to build one.  They are just handing over information to some who might not even have thought about doing anything until the idea was planted. 

Until the media learns to separate what should and should not be reported we will continue to have Virginia Techs and Columbines. 


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