April 16, 2007

This week’s legislative idea comes from Bayport, NY.  Here is an excerpt from her letter to Congress:

“Once again, it’s tax time and as always, we owe money to the state and federal governments because I am married with no children. My husband & I have no children because we cannot afford to have children living on Long Island. But we do have 2 dogs – 2 very expensive dogs – and they are our kids.  If I should mistreat, neglect, abuse or deprive my dog of health care in any way, I can be arrested for animal cruelty. But yet, here we are, spending thousands and thousands of dollars each year giving my dogs the best care in emergency and non-emergency situations, what do we receive? My proposal is to be able to declare my dogs as dependents on my taxes at the end of the year.

“With the request of proper documentation from pet owners, I firmly believe we should propose a new law to be able to claim our dogs as dependents, whether it be for routine exams, medicines and/or emergency care. Anything would be of great assistance to pet owners.”

See the full text of the letter here 

-Tell Congress If They Should Introduce Dog Deductions
-Yes, Pets Should Be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent
-No, Pets Should Not Be Tax Deductible Like Any Dependent

Take Action By clicking on this link at the bottom of the page there is a form with instructions on how you can take action on any of the above.



  1. G Says:

    I had too much to say and after many re-types I have tried to make this a simple comment: I say YES to pet tax deductions to people who have no kids and to people that are not already getting some huge tax break for popping out 5 kids in 4 years. Better yet make it so that there is a 2 child OR 2 pet tax deduction–one or the other ..Then it is fair to everyone that has a dependent child–with or without fur/feathers. (I added feathers because some of those exotic birds cost as much as if not more than a kid!)

  2. flagranny2 Says:

    Hi G, thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

    You know I hadn’t given the pet tax deduction much thought until I read the article and the letter that this lady had submitted and realized it did have merit. Some pets are expensive but even those that aren’t and you adopt them from the shelter all need health care and maintenance. Some people chose not to or can’t have children therefore turn to devoting their love to either a furry or feathered pet(s). They provide for them the same with the exception of education so when you think about it it makes sense that there should be an allowance made for owning a pet. Wouldn’t it be great to see a tax deduction for pets.

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