Prejudice by choice? Don Imus – was it fair?

After sitting and watching what has been happening over the last few days regarding the fate of Don Imus it makes me wonder was this prejudice by choice or loss of freedom of speech and who has the right to determine which is which. I don’t condone what Don Imus said at all but in some ways I feel this was a double edge sword. 

We are constantly crying “freedom of speech” yet there are political watchdogs sitting with baited breath waiting to pounce on any statement that can be construed as biased or prejudice so they can rush to the media, and in my opinion, set out to see how much damage they can do to one’s career.  I don’t think naming names is really necessary as we all know who they are and the list isn’t limited to two.

I read an article written by HARVEY FIERSTEIN, an actor and playwright who said, and I quote “he is a gay American and fat”.  In his article he toggles with the idea how and when one chooses to be prejudice.  I think his article is worth reading and his views definitely have merit. 

Almost every night we hear comedians poke fun at fat people, celebs in rehab, comments relating to “the gay community”.  Programs like “politically incorrect” will hash and rehash derogatory statements made by others and yet, neither the  comedians, talk show hosts, etc, lose their endorsements or sponsors.

Even recording artists can rap about anything without too much controversy, probably because you can’t you can’t understand most of what they are saying.  Some have come under scrutiny but it has to be something really controversial and media worthy and even at that a mere apology or slap on the wrist takes care of it. Being dropped from the recording industry is not a consideration, at least none that I can think of but I could be wrong, that has happened a couple of times 😉 according to my husband. 

I definitely think Imus’s comment was out of line and of poor taste but should it have cost him his job?

For those of you who are too young to remember the “Tonight Show”, before Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, the original show years ago was hosted by Jack Paar.  One night he made reference to the bathroom as a “water closet“.  Believe it or not, he was fired! 


One Response to “Prejudice by choice? Don Imus – was it fair?”

  1. flagranny2 Says:

    Well I feel like an idiot and either no one noticed or noticed and and didn’t tell me…..argh! I had “Prejudice by joice?” for almost 24 hours until I just noticed it now and have corrected it to what it should have been “Prejudice by choice?”

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