Ohio Woman – fake rescurer, drowns over 650 animals!!!

Please be heard and send this woman to jail!!!

This petition is to get Maureen McLaughlin the maximum sentence for the senseless murder of more than 650 companion animals since July 2002 Please sign and pass on. This petition will be downloaded and sent to Prosecutor Hedrick when McLaughlin nears her hearing and her trial date for these crimes.

Below is the link to sign the petition

It really amazes me how cruel people can be, I guess it shouldn’t as we hear about it every day on the news and yet it still just doesn’t enter my mind that people can be so cruel to a baby, a child and yes, even animals.

These animals had done nothing wrong and people had taken the animals to this lady as they were under the pretense that she was one who rescued animals. Some even thought that she was helping or working in conjunction with a veterinarian. Latest update at:

For 5 years now, as she began her “killing spree” in 2002 she obviously seeked pleasure out of watching these poor animals die. Now how sick is that? It is good that she was finally caught when she confessed to killing her mother and neighbor’s cats after finding a cat carcass in her apartment.

She will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before her trial. Please click on the link below for latest update:


2 Responses to “Ohio Woman – fake rescurer, drowns over 650 animals!!!”

  1. SoCalMuchacha Says:

    Ugh, that is just disgusting!

  2. jeanne Says:

    That woman needs to suffer, like she made those poor pets suffer!

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