News highlights Anna Nicole Smith’s death over death of 4 servicemen killed in Iraq

In my recent post “And I ask why” tonight’s news was proof positive of what I was talking about. 

All day long the news stations kept breaking through with “Breaking News” announcing the death of Anna Nicole Smith.  What a tribute to someone whose life was spent basically being a “sex goddess” as some would say and in the evening news tonight they didn’t disappoint me by any means. 

NBC devoted about 2 minutes to Tim Russert regarding his interrogation in the “Libby” case, moved along with about 1 1/2 minutes about the weather conditions in NY, took less than a minute to note that 4 of our servicemen were killed in Iraq when their helicopter went down and last but not least devoted almost 3 1/2 minutes going over the details of ANS’s life, her struggles, the death of her son and birth of her baby, the paternity suit for DNA test and finally her death.   

Again,  And I ask why…….. 

Am I the only one who feels this way?

4 Responses to “News highlights Anna Nicole Smith’s death over death of 4 servicemen killed in Iraq”

  1. abbeyroad623 Says:

    your not the only one.

  2. jeanne Says:

    I hear ya Lila! Even though I have to admit that I’m kind of fascinated by ANS’s death and the circumstances and dramas surrounding it, I do not think our media should highlight her life and death and not call attention to the fact that there is a war still being fought and that men and women are dying in Iraq! Good for you in writing to your local paper and pushing them to make a change!!!!

  3. SoCalMuchacha Says:

    Thought you’d enjoy these stats, Miss Lila. Hmm, maybe enjoy isn’t the right word. 🙂

  4. flagranny2 Says:

    Hey, thanks for the link SoCal, I found it quite interesting, sad but interesting. Just goes to show the morality of our country and the news is just reporting what the people show interest in. 😦 Of course I wouldn’t mind getting paid for doing a survey job like that.

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