Forgotten Heros . . . .

Why is it that everyone in the country knows more about Brad and Angelina’s baby than they do about our soldiers fighting for our country?

Everyone can tell you all the info about the birth of their baby but can they give you the name of one soldier. Only the families of those who have loved ones in Iraq know their names because we seem to be a country consumed on the idols of Hollywood and what is going on in their life. I bet if you were to stop 10 people on the street and ask them if they know who Jennifer Aniston is 10 out of 10 will without a doubt know, but if you ask them to name someone fighting in Iraq, 1 out of 10 might know someone and only because it would be a family member or a friend of a family, etc. Why, because the media has thought it more important to give more airtime for Hollywood gossip than to devote enough time to give a daily update of names of these brave men who are over there fighting, instead, they feed into what seems to be of more interest to the people.

Compare the number of magazines you see with stores about Hollywood gossip as opposed to American is Iraq. To think the amount of money that people paid to get the first pictures of Brad and Angelina’s baby is outrageous. The money could have gone to help the hurricane victims here in our country. I know they say they are going to use the money to the charity of their choice but that charity is not one that is located in our country. That goes back to my original blast, Charity begins at home!!!! Does anyone agree with me or am I out on a limb here by myself.

I say let’s hear it for our soldier and let Hollywood take a backseat for once.
Our Forgotten Heros – GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS !!!!


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